Tips you need to follow for choosing the perfect for GERD

Tips you need to follow for choosing the perfect for GERD

People who suffer from acid reflux need to have a bed with a proper mattress so that they get lesser heartburns at night.

A patient, who suffer from GERD, experiences different issues like constant heartburn, difficulty in digesting foods etc. They usually get frequent heartburn in the night. So, for a GERD patient t getting a night of good sleep can be difficult.

If you want to get a night of good sleep, then you need to follow some rules. Experts recommend the acid reflux patients to sleep on a unique bed for better comfort. These people can get a sound sleep if they sleep on a reclining bed. These beds prevent the acid from traveling back to the mouth and also stops heartburn.

Besides these beds, you also need Mattress risers for acid reflux. These special mattresses are great and prevent night-time heartburn. But a lot of people become confused before buying select mattresses for GERD. Here are some tips that you can follow as your mattress shopping guide.

Check the adjustability level

Elevating your upper body to six inches stops the acid from the stomach to travel back in your mouth. This, as result, prevents acid reflux. So, if you are a patient of GERD, then it is better to buy a bed with an adjustable base. You can adjust the upper part of your bed whenever you want. If you cannot invest in an adjustable bed, then you can choose a particular elevated mattress or specially designed mattress to prevent acid reflux. Mattress wedges are also great. These can be removed and used whenever you want.

Check the thickness of the mattress

You have decided to buy a mattress instead of a bed. Incline mattress toppers are the best option for you. But you need to be careful about the thickness of the mattress. For patients of acid reflux, a mattress more than thirteen inches of depth is not good. Extra thick mattresses are not flexible and do not provide support to your body while you sleep.

The firmness also matters

The firmness of a mattress is also essential here. Extra firm mattresses can not provide your body enough support and may cause back pain or other problems. On the other hand, incredibly soft mattresses cause you to sink inside the bed, and you may face difficulties. Ao, try to buy a mattress which is neither too soft nor too firm.

Check the durability

If you are buying the mattress for an adjustable bed, then you need to make sure it is exceptionally durable. Since adjustable beds are always inclined to a specific position, the mattress suffers from frequent corrosion and other problems. So please go for a latex mattress, air mattresses or memory foam.

It is better to look for the quality and features than the price tag. If you want to buy mattresses at a reasonable price, then buy them when shops or outlets offer sales or discounts. Besides that, make sure to try at least two mattresses before purchasing a particular model.