How to make different tassels for Christmas decoration?

How to make different tassels for Christmas decoration?
over 2 years ago

As the Christmas holiday season is nearer, we often grab different ideas for the decoration in the different places of the house.

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People are browsing the online stores to pick favorite Christmas holiday deals for the purchases of needed items within ranges. It’s quite effective to pick to shop without taking the financial burden on your shoulders. Nowadays, decorations with the tassels are quite popular and people prefer to make them at home for the cute and funny presentation.
We have got four different ideas and styles of the tassels for the Christmas that you should be following for the holiday decoration inspiration.
How to make different tassels for Christmas decoration?

A pom- pom tassel tree topper

The decoration of the Christmas tree with arrangements of multi-shade pom-pom tassels is a fun way for the holiday season. Here, we share the idea that how you make the colorful and fluffy pom-pom tassels on the fun twist for the Christmas tree.
• Choose multi-color yarns, color block and overlap on each side and tie the knot in the multi-combination shade.
• Tie the crafted round shape pom-pom as a long piece of string and tied to the tree
• Start attachment from the top of the tree up to the middle part and other part filled with the traditional ornaments.
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How to make different tassels for Christmas decoration?

Christmas Tissue Tassels

The arrangements of the tassel garlands are much easier for the Christmas then you would be thought. You have created fun with the many types of tassels, but tissue tassels seem more beautiful instead of others. In the current times, major online brands are offering Christmas decoration coupons and Christmas discount offers that you make whole Christmas shopping in an easy way. For the making of this interesting and homemade tissue tassels, check out the given instructions
• Take a sheet of tissue paper and unfold it so it's lying horizontally
• Fold the tissue paper right to left to make a shape of a square
• Then again fold it to make a shape of triangle
• Make equally measured tassel strips in the center of the triangle and slice it in half
• Keep unfold one section all the way
• Now, roll up the tissue paper about the size of a straw
• Twisted the roll portion to make a style of loop with the twisted section and secure it with the glue
• Now, set it with stars and round anchors in your house or in the living room over the bed as Christmas decoration.
How to make different tassels for Christmas decoration?

Thread Tassel ornaments

Everyone wants to decorate their Christmas style in a different and unique style that everyone loves. Thread tassel ornaments for the Christmas tree in a cute dye color seem attractive yet cute for this year either. If you interested in making this stylish Thread Tassel ornament for the Christmas tree, take out the idea with these simple steps
• Cut short strings of the thread and tie knot from the middle
• Give you tassels a cute haircut through successor
• Soak your tassels halfway in blue dye color about 1 minute and then dry it
• Now hang on the tree on the ornament styles that really seem fantastic in two tones
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How to make different tassels for Christmas decoration?

Yarn Tassel Christmas Tree

It’s absolutely a loving way that how many variations of Christmas trees are easily available in the online market. The Yarn Tassel Christmas tree is completely innovative as many of you know. It’s a fabulous idea to make the whole tree from yearning instead of wrapping the yarn around. If you are interested to buy these yarn tassel tree from the online stores, you should pick the Christmas sale offers and buy to use the Christmas coupons 2017 of a particular brand at Reecoupons and paying less than half the amount while final purchases. While, if you make to own self, the crafting of this Christmas tree is very interesting and easy for you. Consider the given steps and make Yarn tassel Christmas tree for your home.
• Wrap yarn around the hand of 20X and formed bundle over the piece of yarn.
• Tie off that bundle over the top and trim the bottom to make tassels
• Use straight pins to pin each prepared tassel to the Styrofoam cone and start from the bottom point.
• Just push the pin into foam and tie the knot each tassel
• At the top of the tree, trim the top loop of the tassels so they seem thick and straight up.
• Now, the yarn Christmas tassel is ready and seems very pretty as you placed in the corner in different color variations.

So, consider these beautiful tassel ideas and lest you think your home is perfectly styled with the cute arrangements at Christmas time this year.