Real Holdings International Inc.

Real Holdings International Inc.

Real Holdings International Inc. Strives to Invest in Advanced Biofuels and Bioenergy Technology Across the Continent of Africa

The company seeks to make investments in biofuels, specifically on the continent of Africa.

With so many natural resources and untapped human potential, the need for investment specifically increases when it comes to emerging economies such as those of the African continent. A highly reputed private equity firm, Real Holdings International Inc., is eager to invest in energy, water, telecommunications, transportation, and healthcare projects. There is a strong regional focus on Africa, followed by other developing countries, non-OECD countries, and emerging economies. Apart from investing in several health care projects; the renowned company is striving to invest in advanced biofuels and bioenergy technology in the continent of Africa.

A strategic plan developed by Real Holdings International Inc. encompasses sourcing, processing, refinement, production, and sale of advanced biofuel technology and companies worldwide with a global biofuel production as of 2020 was $144 Billion Liters. A company study indicated that most of the growth in biofuel production will occur in non-OECD countries, emerging economies, and developing regions such as Africa and Asia. Since these regions have high growth rates and energy demands, Real Holdings International Inc., aims to capitalize on this by investing in advanced biofuels and bioenergy to meet the region’s energy needs.

Considering that the private equity fund aims to invest in, own, and operate biofuels and bioenergy companies, Real Holdings International Inc., formulates a detailed investment plan. The company’s sector investment strategy plan includes acquiring established companies with end-to-end production and direct-to-consumer capabilities & infrastructure. Consequently, the company’s private equity portfolio and investors will earn steady returns.

As part of its strategy, the company focuses on research and development partnerships to build, own and operate biofuel and bioenergy plants from scratch, as well as acquire advanced biofuel and bioenergy technology and intellectual property. This will result in significant cost, revenue, and margin improvements for Real Holding International Inc’s portfolio companies. In addition to reducing sourcing costs, owning the entire value chain would reduce dependence on external vendors and suppliers.

It is also anticipated that the company’s plan to consolidate its portfolio companies into two to three large biofuels and bioenergy companies will result in significant revenue and production growth followed by margin improvement. Increases in revenue and growth would also result in increased valuation multiples, and larger portfolio companies would be able to go public or be acquired by corporate sponsors and private equity buyers in a private market sale.

Additionally, Real Holdings International Inc. seeks to partner with a wide range of institutions, governments, and the general public sector. The company aims to partner with them as investors in their fund while assisting the developing countries to meet the energy demands for their industries while fulfilling the development needs and boosting the GDP significantly.

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Company Name: Real Holdings Investment Capital & Trust

Contact Person: Joshua Davis

Phone: +16156011785

State: Delaware

Country: United States