Real Holdings International Inc - Delaware Based Private Equity Firm

Real Holdings International Inc - Delaware Based Private Equity Firm

Real Holdings International Inc. is a Delaware-based private equity firm investing in health, water, real estate, telecommunication, and energy sectors.

Real Holdings International Incorporated was incorporated in Tennessee in 2016. The firm has set the standard for exceptional service, proven processes, and management excellence. This dedication starts with the Real Holdings executive team, whose energy, ambition, and entrepreneurship led them to create a unique approach to providing professionally managed services to large, high-traffic facilities. Their major business areas are Technology, Media, Telecommunications, Health, Transportation, and Philanthropy.

The ultimate focus of the firm is facilities management, and that’s what they do. Their people are their greatest asset, and so are their training programs and their #1 methods for quality control. The firm’s services are most reliable in the business, and they continue to innovate with new, cutting-edge systems and technologies that ideally improve accountability, communications, and efficiencies. The core value for the firm is their superior business practices which are reflected by their commitment to do whatever it takes to deliver excellent services and establish long-term relations with their clients.

The Company’s vision: is to fix the broken business models across multiple industries using a host of intellectual property and entering each industry based on experienced management professionals. They believe in recruiting and hiring the right people to deliver the best service and maximize value. As stated previously, their ultimate business plan consists of the below-mentioned segments in the graph, which will be the firm’s earnings and the market they cater to.