Benefits of Pilates in Rehabilitation

Benefits of Pilates in Rehabilitation

Pilates is one of the fastest growing exercise routines. It provides different physical fitness benefits, such as agility, strength, and flexibility.

People around the world are familiar with Pilates, and it’s one of the fastest growing exercises routines or styles in the world. It provides different physical fitness benefits, such as agility and strength, and millions have experienced it. However, not many people know that Pilates is rising in another area – rehabilitation.

Without taking a toll on your body, Pilates can make a big difference in your health.

How Pilates makes a Difference

Gentle but Challenging

Pilates is mostly performed in sitting or reclining positions, and most exercises are partially weight bearing and low impact. On the other hand, it is a flexible exercising system, and modifications to Pilates exercises allow you to change the range of difficulty. As Pilates is so safe, it’s used by physiotherapists for rehabilitation.

Build a Strong Core

Your core is the center of your body. It consists of the deep abdominal muscles as well as the muscles closest to the spine. Core strengthening is an essential aspect of any rehabilitation technique because a strong core ensures proper posture, movement awareness, core stability, and back muscular strength.

Flexibility and Lean Muscle

Unlike more traditional or conventional rehabilitation workouts that build bulky and short muscles, Pilates is there to strengthen and elongate. It improves muscle elasticity, function, and joint mobility. By balancing your flexibility and strength, the risk of getting injured get significantly reduced.

Pilates at ReActive Physiotherapy

Pilates at ReActive Physiotherapy

Learn to Move More Efficiently

By developing a proper Pilates technique, you will be able to train several muscle groups at once in continuous and smooth movements. Pilates can help you retrain your body to move in patterns of motion that are safer and more efficient. Efficient movement is invaluable for optimal health, good posture, sports performance, and injury recovery.

With Pilates you can condition your entire body, leaving no muscle group under or overtrained.

Clinical Pilates experts from ReActive Physiotherapy can help you rehabilitate and evenly condition and balance your entire musculature. Give Pilates a chance and it will help you enjoy daily activities and sports with less chance of injury and better performance.

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