Concussions: The Truth and the Myths

Concussions:  The Truth and the Myths

It is important for players, coaches, and parents to be able to recognize a concussion and know what to do when it happens. ReActive Physiotherapy can help.

In the U.S., about 15-20% of athletes in high-paced sports suffer a concussion. That’s 3.8 million injuries per year. Undetected concussions can produce long-term neurological effects. That is why it’s important for players, coaches, and parents to be able to recognize a concussion and know what to do when it happens.

Myths or Truth

Here are some common beliefs that will help you understand it better.

1. You can get a concussion only by hitting your head. - Myth

It is a myth because it can occur during any injury that causes the head/brain to move back and forth quickly. It includes any blow to the body or fall.

2. You had a concussion only if you were unconscious. - Myth

Loss of consciousness can be an indicator, but most concussions don’t result in loss of consciousness. A person can maintain awareness and still experience a concussion.

3. Helmets prevent concussions. - Myth

Also false; as helmets can lower risk by protecting the head, no protective gear can completely prevent concussions.

4. You can tell immediately after the injury happens if someone has a concussion. - Myth

In reality, symptoms may take as long as two or three days to surface (in some cases). Since the damage occurs at the cellular level, CT scans and MRIs are unlikely to detect concussions. They can identify swelling of the brain or bleeding, so having the tests done is still a good idea.

5. Many concussions go unreported. - TRUTH

Athletes aren’t always aware that they suffered a concussion. As symptoms may take some time to surface and there are still many people who don’t understand the injury, many concussions go unreported.

ReActive Physiotherapy


Concussions are among the most prevalent injuries but also one of the most frequently mismanaged injury.

ReActive Physiotherapy has teamed up with Complete Concussion Management to educate and train medical professional on how to accurately assess and manage these injuries and help decrease the risk of concussion in sport.

Announced in March, the launch of a new Concussion Tracker App for iOS and Android devices. The app supports communication between parents, schools, sports, and healthcare practitioners to keep everyone up-to-date when a concussion occurs, as well as throughout the recovery process.

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