ReActive Physiotherapy Serving the Community of London Ontario

ReActive Physiotherapy Serving the Community of London Ontario

At ReActive Physiotherapy, our focus is on quality patient care.

Experienced Therapists

With distinguished and experienced therapists, a modern facility with private treatment rooms, the latest in rehabilitation and exercise equipment, and a personalized approach to improving the health of clients, ReActive Physiotherapy is dedicated to providing the highest quality care in London, ON. Located at 665 Fanshawe Park Road West, the northwest corner of Fanshawe Park Road and Wonderland Road, the clinic is easily accessible and offers free parking.

All of our physiotherapy services are performed one-on-one with your physiotherapist. We do not use physiotherapy assistants. To ensure quality care, we schedule our Initial Assessments for 1 hour and our follow-up treatment sessions for 30 minutes.

Meet our Physiotherapists

ReActive Physio, London Ontario


Our massage therapy team have the skills, knowledge, and ability to help you recover from soft tissue pain, whether it is from muscle overuse, trauma, occupational stresses, or dealing with pregnancy. Massage is often most effective in combination with other treatments offered by ReActives' team of physiotherapists. Like most elements at ReActive, the team goes beyond what’s expected.

Meet our Massage Team

ReActive Physio, London On

Massage Therapy

Pilates at ReActive

Today everyone from professional athletes (yes, Lebron James and David Beckham do Pilates) to older adults, are practicing Pilates as the principles and benefits are universal.

Pilates in a clinical rehabilitation setting focuses on removing joint and/or soft-tissue restriction, realigning the body, re-establishing motor control to create mindful, and pain free movement. Pilates can be adapted to every individual based on their specific needs and level of ability.

ReActive Physio, London Ontario


ReActive Physiotherapy is an official Complete Concussion Management clinic.

The ReActive Golf Lab Experience

The world’s finest players employ a team approach in order to compete at the highest level. The ReActive team addresses the body-swing connection through a series of unique physical screening tests correlated with a detailed golf swing analysis. These results are used to develop a customized program to maximize each player’s potential.

ReActive Physio, London Ontario

Golf Lab

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