How to use women Cane For Balance or Support

How to use women Cane  For Balance or Support

DYNAMO Prime Stick – Which is an urban walking cane in USA.If anyone walking with confidence and taking anyone's help this product will be suitable.

welcome to every one I want a I want to tell you the two uses for a Walking Cane for support and for balance and the two are a little bit different now there's a lot of post out there about support let's go through that first first of all which hand do I want it in now support means I'm supporting an injured leg let's say it's my left leg so I want that cane in the opposite hand over here so I have a nice wide base of support between the two if I put it over here that doesn't feel very stable this I can actually put some weight on it how long do I want I want it so that my hands are in that nice power position where the elbows just got a little bit of a bend to it here's the bony part of the hip right down there a couple inches below that's where the cane goes how does it move it moves even with the sore leg and then where should my hand be whoa it's kind of wobbly out here but if I let it rest right on that hip to be stable that way I can walk around and this just acts like an assistant to this leg when you get to the stairs we follow a little bit of a heaven and hell' motif good guys go up first that means the strong leg followed by the cane and the sore leg if I have a handrail I can use that when I'm coming back down bad guys go down so that means the sore leg and the cane go first and I can use the handrail if I need to Thanks so what if we were to use that cane for balance instead of for support like support for an injured leg we might want to make a tripod out of it because this isn't a very good tripod we want it out in front now it's a little bit short how long do we want it we want it one maybe two inches longer.

so that when I put it in front of me my hand just goes down to it I don't have to bend over for it when I'm got walking can with it I want it on the ground giving me feedback telling you where I am in space that's what I want so there's a couple ways to walk with it I could put it out there and step to it and that's very stable a little bit faster is to put it out there with the other leg that's less stable but it's smoother now the other thing is turning with it what we see sometimes is people give it the hail-mary turn I'll kick chicken dogs and do it whatever they do with that stick out there we don't want to see that we would like people to use the stick for edge part of the turn because turning is often where people fall without one more bit to show you over here oh man after shooting all those post I sure am tired well maybe I'll just take a rest a while all right oh yeah but I'd like to talk to you about is what happens when I have to get up in the middle of the night to go pee or something like I might need to do and I get myself up and I go what happened to my Walking Cane wait a minute maybe I should have when I came in had a place to put it that was within reach of the bed and that way when I went to bed it'd be there for me when I'm ready to get up hey that worked a lot better thank you for watching happy and safe can use and we'll see you in the next thanks.