Cell Phone Parts Near Me

Cell Phone Parts Near Me

The LCD power supply circuits The measure the LCD power supply circuits No short circuit happens. Still, some vital IC remains to be measured. That is charging

I don't really know what to do about this Can I just factory reset it or is there like some equivalent of iCloud locking and like cloud activation? I don't know not gonna close this phone up until I get it unlocked All right. I did a little bit of googling and I think I just need to factory reset it. Let's hope that works Okay, that worked wipe data/factory reset Let's get started Sweet! That was all I needed to do. That I've got it unlocked and fully working time to put the back on this once and for all Well, there it is a one finished Motorola authorized distributor It seems to fully work by the iris scan. The fingerprint scan the face scan.

Cell Phone Parts Near Me

I'll work cameras work As far as I can tell it looks exactly like a store-bought S9 plus would, but to be honest, this is the first one I've ever seen in person Including in a store. I've just been working off photos online. This video is sponsored by iFixit. Ever since the very beginning, They've been a partner in my crazy phone adventures even before they knew it I've always had a laptop just off-camera with one of their teardown guides or repair guides as my reference for how to put the phone together The key is to start with one of their guides on how to take a phone apart and work from the bottom up and Despite having a name that starts with a lowercase 'i' they're way more than phone parts.

They have repair guides and teardowns and tools and parts for everything from Android phones to drones to televisions I've been using one of their pro-tech screwdriver sets in this project But they also sent me one of their pro-tech toolkits which is come in handy a number of times for things like repairing Cameras where I don't always have the right tool. If you'd like a tool kit of your own Click the link down in the description and let them know I sent you. Wanted to add a few thoughts here at the end Just about how this compares with the process of building a Samsung lcd screen Honestly, this went way easier than building an iPhone. I was quite surprised Maybe it's just because I'm more experienced but it felt like I don't know there are a lot fewer parts or a lot less like sheet metal brackets and things there's only one size screw, which is amazing, and those mid-frame pieces of plastic the black plastic with all the screws Those act as a replacement for all the sheet metal clips that iPhone uses and there's only 3 of them instead of like ten or I don't know 15 Apple has a Ton of random clips that are really hard to figure out.

Where they all go and how they fit in and what not I was super surprised it even worked the first time I tried turning it on I didn't have any issues with like weirdly cryptographically paired components like the touch ID buttons in iPhone or the Face ID cameras There was none of that it was a plug it all input in a cup You know the cover and a few screws and good to go. The challenging part was really just finding the parts There are far fewer Samsung parts in the markets, and it's just way more confusing I don't know iPhone parts look very distinct And my theory at least was that there are more iPhones per model in the world Like there are more units in the world than there are with Samsung But I did some research and as far as I can tell that's not actually true So, I don't know. I it just seems like there are more iPhone parts here in Shenzen at least it feels anecdotally like 50 to 75% of the market is iPhone in terms of a number of parts and That all of the rest of the samsung phone parts and Huawei and Vivo and Oppo and all of the rest Make up the other, you know, 25 to 50 percent And so it's just they're far fewer booths selling the same part And so you have to hunt around a lot more This could be a result of the fact that iPhones are manufactured here in China, but Samsung phones aren't but you would think then that there would be a ton of like Vivo and Oppo parts available and There are a fair amount, but not anything close to iPhone, so, I don't know I don't I don't really fully understand it yet that about does it for this time? I'm Scotty from Strange Parts, if you want to see more videos like this one Be sure to let YouTube know by hitting that subscribe button down below. I'll see you again soon.

Here is a water-damaged Huawei Y9 Prime 2019 It keeps restarting when power on Check the erosive parts Check the erosive parts The battery BTB and main FPC BTB have been eroded Seriously, you can see that the battery BTB and the main FPC BTB are severely corroded. The area around motorola phone parts BTB also appears erosive LCD. There are also signs of corrosion near the BTB. Disconnect BTB and check again. This area has been damaged badly. This area has been damaged badly. Take down As far as we can see, this area has been eroded. Put the motherboard on the anti-static glass wiper. Put the motherboard on the anti-static glass wiper. Dip the brush with PCB cleaner. Clean the eroded area with a brush and clean the eroded area. Check the bonding pad. Fortunately, it has not been eroded. Fortunately, it has not been eroded. Take down the cover shield of the main power supply module. Takedown the cover shield of the main power supply module. The module has not been eroded either. Fortunately, there are no obvious signs of corrosion. Continue to clean other eroded areas. Takedown the cover shield of the SoC. Continue to uncover SoC area shielding cover It has no water erosion. It has no water erosion. Power on and test again. Power on and test again. The problem remains Restart Some circuits might have been damaged.