Hemp Gel For Pain

Hemp Gel For Pain

You do the own hemp gel without any problem but keeping all the Phyto complex. I can tell you based on my experience from the experience.

I still have with patients with a close relative nor who has a fairly serious disease a tumor and in this period of lock down for example could not find the treatments to fight the pain he has and so I tried to give him the hemp gel of civilians ok life when he was o given the lights of his food he said that he was fine he felt well it is still within the limits of his cases because in any case in severe pain throughout the day he was able to sleep he was able to sleep and it was really amazed because it has never happened to him with a drug to be able to sleep in this way without pain or in any case with an absolutely bearable value so I personally care even if maybe I can be pointed out let's say.

For what I say, however, these are things that make people feel good ok if the cb of is the whole phytocomplex cannabis the molecule of cannabis is a therapeutic molecule that works has no side effects and has been used for many years for thousands of years ok and therefore I would like to say that each of you can make your own preparation at home to make an slimming gel that has therapeutic properties that are able to restore the correct psycho-physical functions of your body so when cvd enters the our organism and enters the entourage let's say with our endocannabinoid system to bring benefits at 360 degrees within the organism the endocannabinoid system one part carries the immune system and the other part carries a central nervous system therefore brings benefits at 360 degrees there are cases you can go and see them on youtube it's not me here that you just had to say but you can go and see them on youtube where they work n very well against epilepsy even in childhood go and see them then there are really many cases even against parkinson's it works well there is a French boy who made a video unfortunately he has a fairly serious disease and with cannabis safe at 360 degrees.

Hemp Gel For Pain

And it gets benefits that I do not have with drugs for this reason I do not see many of you never ask me pure crystals it works did not work well they are not good I always say we take into consideration that we assume that we only see the CB as a curative form and therefore the foods of cbd you have to take it because it works it actually works it is not quite so in the sense that thc foods all the phytocomplex all the molecule for charity and therapeutics but we do not know how fungi how the terpenes act for example the aromatic substances on the with the cb di in our organism certainly like aromatherapy the southern therapy there is a lot of therapies related to these in this sense we do not know or if how the level of the organism works then we do not know what relationship between the penis and the molecule ok in that particular specific situation of the plant because we always take into consideration that cannabis plants are not all the same ok there are different families and among these families there are different phenotypes like us each seed ok a differences between one seed another between one of the differences like us humans.

So if we do an extraction we take the cbd molecule from a certain plant it will have terpenes the molecule will be composed in a certain way it will have more principles of win one part less principles from the other however it was different from the molecule we take from a ' another plant ok at the level also for penney co ok so we do not know how these terpenes different types of terpenes act therapeutically with the molecule of the cannabis plant both inside our organism so I do not see also for this reason I do not understand what what sense does it make to take pure crystal to make it pure to add terpenes that are not proper to the plant ok but are added after ok so in my opinion the shore of the year detaches the inherence that has just the cannabis compound ok then thc foods cbn all the other racing compounds terpenes chlorophyll taken in that particular phenotype in that of that particular plant understand us instead of extracting them p uri we put them in an hemp seed oil capsules 1000mg  we put in some terpenes that we do not even know which ones are only in taste ok in taste because then they have nothing effective than that of that plant we put them in an oil and we pretend that the crystal certainly has a therapeutic effect of cbd entering our organism the pure crystal of cbd entering our organism will have an interaction with our endocannabinoid system and in any case it will have a therapeutic option absolutely ok but never as in my opinion an oil however an extract with inside all compounds 15 and terpene resins put however in that particular way give two from mother nature.

this I do not know if I have explained myself here however this I wanted to clarify here guys tried to explain to me in the best possible way the difference that exists between hemp seed oil and hemp seed oil capsules  oil so I hope there is no more this confusion anyway if you need to contact me you want to get me some more ù specific or even you want to start a preparation you do not know how to do it I can follow you in consultancy there is no problem in which I can make my 360-degree skills available just for you if you are interested contact me you can do it on whatsapp on messenger there is no problem I am waiting for you thank you very much for watching the video I would also like to remind you that all the information that I give and say in this video is not to be seen as an incitement to cultivation or the use of a illegal substance