Gift Shop Online Party Balloon Artificial Flowers Jewellery 

Gift Shop Online  Party Balloon  Artificial Flowers  Jewellery 

At every few hours, they can see a difference in the balloon when it is a rope now I'm going to put another what over yellow-red make it a nice bright.

Celebrate The Birthday Party

This one so takes off the waste green rate. It doesn't actually take too long to do it once it's all booked ready it literally takes 10-15 minutes to present in a a4 acrylic sheet and taking off some green erases a bit too much you want to see a lot of the flowers. You want just a few bits of greenery showing that's a nice take off the waste baby ones because they'll take too many nutrients so wasted leaves in that water. I need that water to pour into the end cuz I've only just patrolled it this morning added a little bit of sugar with the flower food alright so we've got two yellows burying another different type of yellow red chrysanthemum capturing lilies and then we have a cabbage feature just going at the back very sticking that middle.

As you can see and then this one used to go in their front and the right so they can see it and as you can see there's more green than you that we don't need just to make it nice and neat make sure it's the reason why on this very one and to stay there as well it's a nice feature also I need to secure that piece to the   as  Shop Online Gift  well so I need to turn that so nice to the customers who buy this video can actually see it my going to twist my floristry wire right secure it in place I want it at the back keep twisting until we get to the end and push the ends in so that's also cured now and that's a nice little piece remember this is the that's the front my Barre is to go in the middle so I'm going to push that back in again and it's slipping a nut hold it up inside the balloon so that's ready to go I've also got some floristry tape and to cover the wire as well I'm also it keeps it all nice it tears off quite easily but it sticks quite well to the flowers and also it stops the customer when they take his height of the balloon if they decide to pop the balloon they're not going to cut themselves with the end so that's.


Gift Shop Online  Party Balloon  Artificial Flowers  Jewellery 

why I stuffed it inside the stems and those are going to wrap quite a bit blind so I don't want them to hurt themselves as they take this out and also it gives it a nice it keeps it nice and tidy little stems in place it's quite cheap spice and florists retail there you go it's all nice and neat now if you can see that and there's the back pushed in so it's not sharp and it's all protected I've got this anything ready so we pointed at the top I'm going to go quite that because obviously I need to make  this waters already made I'm just gonna pour it in slowly and as you can see the water as I'm pouring is filling

and then when it sits in the birthday cake topper we don't want to overfill it the way you're going to get water coming out and that wasn't so cool the nesting and the blooms inside the actual big balloon so you just need to fill it three quarters of the way up so that when it sits inside this bottom of the stems that are level will sit at the bottom withdrawal the water in its south over the next week or two inside the balloon and also you can't overfill it otherwise at all right so now that's ready for me to blow up so just place back now a moment it makes it bow when I showed you how it make bows and I quite like this one it's a nice pink to blend in and make it a little bit different you call those and then this is going.

Get twisted run off you go off and then if you can see ya snap slightly you can always work around it and still put it in tight and you can still decorate the mess that's there I'm just going to curl this is going to be the decorative part and you'll see it in size of the loom I might do that one again right so I just put my jug away right now we're ready to place this inside a birthday balloons and I'm going to show you how I do it keep safe this is my I'm now using an 18-inch balloon which you can get from professional suppliers for good winners you don't want cheap when they don't last so now I'm just going to make a start if you can see yeah yeah start attaching to my machine sometimes these can splits I just make sure there's enough stretch so I can make sure it's a hundred percent seal that pushing my I just gotta make sure it's sealed all the way around obviously sometimes when you put the flowers in the balloon you'll get a couple of them petals that fall off as the balloon stays open while you're working on it you can remove some petals so now I have to blow with this you do have to have a bit of strength in your shoulders to push down so a nice table to actually push it down is easier where before I was working in my kitchen and the worktop was quite high and I find it quite difficult to keep this dying with all the pressure so I figured it out now now I've set this up in here which is my new little office was a little workshop for me it's a lot easier for me to press down so I'm ready to go so meet my thoughts right as I said before what a pressure you need to hold it firmly in place this is to actually do it  we have to stretch blue stretch before I start work in there I'm just gonna take the pressure out of the don't section at the top so I can work feed all the air right so I can push my flowers in sorry right there's a lot of static a lot of people use this it's like a no cover you can tell there I'll put this on when I'm doing the balloons because when you put many balloons