Dirt bike air filter clean & Oil change.

Dirt bike air filter clean & Oil change.

DO you want to learn how to clean your Dirt bike air filter clean change the oil. Please read our complete process.

How to Clean Dirt Bike Air Filter

Good Day everyone buddy here just come back for my ride um basically what i'm gonna do is go over how to do an air filter uh first thing you do pull the cover off check the foam air filter oil out um that's filthy so that needs replacing and cleaning up undo your little clip pull him out chuck into one side now stick one of these plates in there so when you wash it you don't get any water or crap in there so it's kind of hard to do with one hand anyway that's in so that's ready to wash give the bike a good clean and away we go one of the things.

Clean Your Dirt Bike Air Filter

I do when i um pull the air filter out on a two-stroke every ride during summer i would wash this every single ride during winter when there's absolutely not a speck of dust around i might let it go two rides i'd check it after every single ride but two rods whether it needs it or not i would do it have a bit of a look around make sure that everything is good that there's no um tears or anything on this one i can see a tiny little tear in there so this air filter gets got straight in the bin wouldn't even bother with it just chuck it straight into the end replace it they're not that expensive just replace it so just for the purpose of this video i'll show you how i wash them uh and then i'll reel a new one i picked up a brand new one so always carry a couple of spares uh i'll show you how i oil it put it back in okay to clean my air filters basically i just have a parts washer inside the parts washer um i just have an old paint brush to to really get into it scrub it um it's got the fluid in there and basically stuff i run in there is this stuff here's the proper foam air filter cleaner uh can use two parts diesel one part kerosene to clean it but i just use that stuff it's the best stuff that's what it's made for all right i'll show you how to clean all right cleaning the filter take the foam off the cage this quick clean [Music] [Music] so always inspect it as you can see there's a hole in there tear there so this is going in the bin so next step washing your air filter um just some dishwashing liquid and just some water wash all that cleaner out of it um when you're washing your air fillers never use petrol um petrol just kills them that's what the petrol does breaks down the glue they use to glue these back together when they make them so if you use petrol breaks that glue down they literally fall apart i've seen one of these after one wash brand spanking new four to pieces so you just want to keep washing this work the detergent through get it nice and soapy clean out that cleaner so my recommendations you always use the proper cleaner as i say i've had i've heard that you can use two parts diesel one part kerosene you know what the other stuff's just as cheap it's the prop stuff it's made for it use it give a good clean out never wring them just squeeze them when you're cleaning them never wring out your air filters rip some tears them just use a squeeze technique to work a little cleaner through and this detergent keep doing this until you get spotless there's no more chemical or cleaner in it and that the water when you squeeze it out there's no soap or anything like that and away you go i'm not going to worry about doing this one too much more like i said this one's going to go in the bin as if you can see it's got a rip in there and it's got a bit of a ripping that through there so whilst that's on the base that's still going to seal up you could still get away with it 30 bucks USA or 35 bucks or whatever they are that's right not worth worrying about um they are a throwaway item always carry two or three spares so when they're cactus throw them in so what i've got is a very expensive custom made drying rack so once i've washed out my dirt bike air filter these are hard to get very expensive but basically i hang it up and leave it to dry so now my old filters uh i'll throw it at a bin but you let it dry new air filter grab me out of the packet this stuff this is all i use during covert i couldn't get the stuff i normally use so i had to switch to a different brand and it's a brand that i've i use some of the other products for but i've never used their foam oil so i'll give it a try other rubbish too thin just runs everywhere follow the recommendations of how they reckon to use it and it just ended up with puzzles and stuff underneath my bike so i've used this all my life this is what i used in the bike shop this is all we've ever used and it's great stuff so just use this stuff it's the

Washable air filters

Best it's just a problem getting it for a while uh nice application of oil all over the foam once again don't ring it squeeze it work it through you want a nice even coating the whole way through so you should be able to look at it at the end of it and it should be just this nice color and it should be nice you can see there there's a bit of a light spot i would just make sure we work some more into that i checked the inside make sure the inside's got a nice coating there's no light spots so you can see starting to get really good there fairly even all the way through nice coating go a little bit let's see i'll more some on the inside put some on the outside so giving it a good working through don't be shy if you get too much in it you just give a good squeeze into your container the container's really clean like this one you can pour it back in your bottle for next time so you can see that looks beautiful now this nice beautiful even coating of oil all the way through inside and out so put your uh put your cage back on make sure it fits in there nicely don't try and stretch it too much just be gentle work it around once you've got it on little tabs in place and some people put that back in just like that not me i'm going to use some of this stuff so basically what i do get some of this waterproof grease and i put a nice smear whole way around he's going to give it a really good seal the grease doesn't cost much some people will just go with the oil ah press up a little bit the oil will seal it'll be fine yeah can be but for the little extra and once again this is what we used to do in a bike shop we still do is we put this nice smear all the way around there's no way any dirt to get between that air filter and the air box ain't going into my carbi no i also put just a tiniest bit just in the center right in the edge just the tie has been all right so that is ready to go inside the air box all done what i've also done and if you can see is i've cleaned out the air box so i stuff an old pair of stinky jocks in there i love my old sneaky jocks stuff them in there so that when i'm cleaning it nothing goes down in there get that air box nice and clean i love a nice clean box it just makes life a bit easier put it in up goes up slide them in get this out of the way slide them in nicely now what you want to do is you want to get your hands right around it and feel it and make sure it fits in properly because what happens some people don't set them in properly don't seal up properly and there's a lift off the back side or something like that so i slide my fingers all the way around have a good feel and make sure let's see that 100 give it a bit of a wiggle make sure it's in place perfect that's it done air filter's clean box is clean it's fitted to seated properly a little bit of grease around seals him up and we're done ready to ride well i hope you enjoyed the video i hope you got something out of it ride well everyone
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