Digital Digital Signage Can Be a Business's Best Friend – Check how?

Digital Digital Signage Can Be a Business's Best Friend – Check how?

Why you should choose Digital Signage to make your business grow well.

There is a tug of war between advertisers and consumers when it comes to advertising. On one hand, they fight to break through the noise, but on the other hand, they stop listening to their efforts. Especially in Malaysia, advertising expenditure is diverted into Digital ads, particularly Digital Signage, as marketing expenditure in the region continues to rise. What is driving the growth of the Digital Signage industry? What are the ways that your organization can take full advantage of the medium?

What makes Digital Digital Signage work so well? Why do they work?

Relevance to your customer: According to an article in the trade magazine Digital Signage Today, ‘relevance’ is one of the most important aspects of Digital Signage: Brands can reach the right consumer with the right message, at just the right time.

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Flexibility and personalization: Digital advertising allows you to adapt to your consumers, offering greater flexibility, as opposed to traditional advertising. For example, a different message could be carried by digital roadside Digital Signage for commuter traffic compared to mid-morning traffic; Digital Signage will change according to foot traffic in-store. In that instance, it is better suited to meet the needs of consumers than traditional advertising.

The bonus of unfamiliarity: Our brains are overloaded. We cannot absorb the millions of stimuli we are surrounded by, so we filter. Consumers today are so oversaturated with advertisement that Digital Signage is only effective because it is relatively unfamiliar. Digital billboards are engaging since we aren't bored seeing them, so they have a true ability to capture and hold our attention.

Interactive capability and consumer control: Unlike traditional advertising, which imposes on the consumer, Digital Signage allows the consumer to take control. A series of seven-inch digital screens were introduced into venues in Texas as an example from the Digital Signage magazine Digital Signage Today. 93% of consumers liked the signs, even when they could move them away or choose what content was shown. The consumer feels in control when you give them choices, so your advertisement feels less forceful.

Customer experience: You get what you can only get if you combine relevance, personalization, and control, and what you get is a medium that produces a better customer experience. While 72% of respondents to the Nielsen study think Digital Signage is an appealing way to advertise, 72% of respondents in the Digital Signage Today survey cite improving customer experience as a reason for increasing Digital Signage expenditure. We can be genuinely interesting to consumers with Digital Signage rather than shouting irrelevant messages to them when they don't want to hear them. The underlying theme here is to earn attention, rather than demanding it. It can entertain, inform, and educate, and by so doing, persuade.