How to make your Billboard Advertising more Effective in 2021

How to make your Billboard Advertising more Effective in 2021

Check the list for the changes that you can make for your Billboard Advertising to be more effective and generate more leads.

We're talking about how to advertise on a billboard for your sales funnel. Today we're talking about Billboard Advertising so there is a science and an art as with everything from marketing to advertising on a billboard.

So let's go over some simple strategies for advertising on a billboard that makes it effective. Let's just use a whole whiteboard as a billboard. So you're driving down the road and this is like 10 times bigger than it is right now and cars see this so think about it. You've got a car going down the road probably at 50 miles an hour.

So they don't have a lot of time to a region billboard, because of the speed and also because they're not just looking for billboards on the side of the road. One more thing you’re dealing with kind of advertising blindness. So people see billboards every day and they kind of tune them out.

What can you do with your Billboard Advertising to make it stand out?

Well, one strategy is to go down the stretch of highway or stretch of road where you plan on putting your billboard and seeing what they're doing right now. So a lot of them are blue with pictures of smiling people and huge yellow letters, then you might want to get away from them because if you can do all white with no pictures and maybe just simple black letters or whatever yours will automatically stick out. Because it doesn't look like everyone else.

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Think about that but to get a little bit more nitty-gritty on your billboard. You've only wanted to use about seven words seven words are right in the sweet spot. Where people will have time to read it and still drive and not crash into the person in front of them. So you're trying to get your billboard down to seven words.

It's a headline basically now. Make sure you put a tracking link for your website on your billboard. However, I'm not convinced that's still the case for example let's say long URL all right and it was like plastic surgeon man in Atlanta dot-com. Call us today so because that's specific. You could use it as a tracking link to check how effective your billboard ad is but the thing is people aren't going to be like I'm going to remember eyes that real quick long driving and doing 100other things close today.

They're probably just going to see your logo maybe that's your logo right. There and the company name and just Google that. So they're probably not going to go to a specific action page now. That's a little unfortunate because it makes tracking your billboard a little hard. An alternative to what you could do you could set up a totally new splash page for this. So if your company is called plastic surgeons of Malaysia what you do instead of directing people to that site. You could set up an alternate page so you could give this billboard a name. So if the Billboard was about getting a let's say rhinoplastic surgery then you could say where you could write rhinoplastic idea dot com and only put this website address on this billboard.

That way people will go to this and you can still test the effectiveness of your billboard without just being like oh we'll see how many. Because you still need to know if people are going to your billboard. If you get a hundred thousand impressions a month and you get three clicks to this website. You'll probably want to mix that billboard okay.

The second thing to do is test your billboard and this is how you do that. Create five variations of what you think your billboard is. So here's one variation two three four five and if possible put these out online put these with your synonym to your friends or your colleagues, your co-workers and run visual eye inspector test.

Think of it like how crazy egg does or how hot jar does, so they can track mouse movements and I've movements and see what people look. At first, this is a great way to see what people are looking at on your billboard. Because if your logos here and your call-to-action is here now people are looking all the way over here.

Because maybe you've got like a laughing baby then in those three to four seconds you've got for the people to pass by. They're not even seeing this stuff souse eye-tracking test there's tons of stuff out. There just Google eye-tracking tests and you'll be able to upload your five or seven billboard variations and see which one's works best in terms of people looking at you weren't logos.

So if you get one where people look here. First and then look there that's your winner that's the one that's going to convert best. So when you put billboards up on the highway. There are a few tips for using a billboard to advertise. I think it's always good to you smiling faces people connect to that.

It's going to be the first thing they look at maybe having the eyes looking over your head loud something like that stuff is important. When you're doing this because you only have like three to five seconds to make an impression with a billboard.

So I think you can still get a lot out of it. You know you learn something every day so anyways those are some tips on how to create a successful billboard that actually builds your business.