What is the best Airbnb clone script?

What is the best Airbnb clone script?

Find the best Airbnb clone script to set up your own rental marketplace platform. Easy to customize, user friendly and launch worldwide.

Airbnb clone is suitable to create any kind of rental marketplace website. RentALL is one of the readymade Airbnb clone incorporated with necessary features like seasonal pricing calendar, iCal integration, stripe connect, multi-language and multi-currency. It helps entrepreneurs, innovators and business owner to build their own top-notch rental marketplace website.

Rental Based Marketplace:

The rental based marketplace helps rental businesses to connect with customers. The rental marketplace which suits for home appliances, electronics, gears and it has become famous for all rental business.

This Rental based marketplace which is giving a huge rise to peer-to-peer marketplaces. And niche-based online rental marketplaces such as vacation rental, Car rental, Co-working space, Event venue sharing, Equipment rental and more rentals.

They can earn more with business models like commission model, subscription model, listing fee, lead generation fees and freemium services.

Some examples of the top rental based marketplace are Airbnb, Turo, Peerspace etc.

Top 3 Reasons:

Entrepreneurs would love to buy Airbnb clone for this top 3 reasons.

  • Fast Loading.
  • Scalable.
  • Modern Technologies.

Fast Loading:

“Users begin to drop off a site when its response time is longer than 2.5 seconds according to latest usability research.”

70% more visitors like to visit the marketplace in mobile rather than pc. If the website takes more time in loading, the user may dislike visiting your website again.

For this reason, more entrepreneurs like to build a website that loads within a millisecond. Fast performance and fast loading can attract more customers to the rental website for accessing their instant need.


Many companies are facing problems in extending their rental business capabilities globally. Using the Airbnb clone solve this issue since it is more scalable and efficient. It gives you a strong foundation to extend its capabilities. It is easy to customize based on your preference.

Modern Technologies:

The third important reason for choosing the Airbnb clone is a technology stack. Because choosing the right tech stack will help you in developing the best rental website and avoiding you from the technical hassle.

It is designed with modern technologies such as React, Redux, GraphQL, React Apollo, ExpressJS, NodeJs and Sequelize.

For more info visit: RentALL - Airbnb Clone Script