How To Make The Most Of Your led Sign

How To Make The Most Of Your led Sign

The business landscape is more competitive than ever. To survive, you need to be seen before the competition!

The business landscape is more competitive than ever. To survive, you need to be seen before the competition, and that means having effective signage that can attract the eye to your business quickly. To do this, you can use LED signs, one of the most effective methods for reaching out to potential customers.

LED signs can draw attention and attract a steady stream of traffic, but that is not the only way to use LED signs. If you want to increase your reach, you need to get creative. Here are some ways to maximize the reach of your LED sign to increase your business revenue and client base:

Design Tips For Your LED Sign

Here are some things to consider when creating messages to display:

Use Images and Graphics

People are visual creatures. A simple graphic can say a lot when words cannot. However, you don’t want to make the images too intricate or add way too many images, because that will make the message too cluttered and illegible. Choose images that compliment or add value to the message.

Keep It Succinct

Think about the people who will be passing by your sign. Are they on foot? In their cars? Most of the time, the average driver is going to only catch a glimpse of the sign, meaning you need to make the message mean something in a short amount of time. Avoid using messages that scroll, since those passing by at high speeds are only going to catch clips of the statement and will rarely stop to watch the whole reel.

Brief but informative messages are the best. Try to make everything appear on the screen at once.

Speak Directly To The Audience

Again, consider those who are going by the sign, when they see it, and what they might be looking for when they go by. Depending on the time of day, you can change the messages you are communicating. For example, if you have an early bird special, you might advertise that only in the morning or have a time for flash deals later in the day. Schedule your messages to target the correct audience. By targeting the demographic, you appeal to more people.

Tips For Making The Most Of LED Signage

Here are ways to get more out of LED signs:


Digital content is great for building your brand image and increasing brand recognition, especially if you have LED signage placed around the property. For example, you can place LED displays around gas pumps or self-service counters or even near wait lines to keep people engaged. You can also advertise additional goods that could be related to whatever they are buying.

For example, if someone is coming in to buy a beverage, you can place an LED screen near the drink machine to tempt them into buying a muffin or another snack or a BOGO deal.

Selling Additional Services

Another way to enhance the reach of LED screens is to broadcast all of your services in one place. Display information about events, discounts, promotions, or any other information that you feel would attract people to upgrade their service. Think of it as an effort to upsell. Not only do people get to see everything you offer, but you can increase your profits in the long run by raising awareness and interest.

Attracting The Passerby

LED signage is bright, welcoming, and helps your business stand apart from the rest of the stores around. Since LED signs can be run throughout the day, you can attract more people in poor weather, dark evenings, or any other time of day. Plus, with engaging content, you can attract any potential customers who would otherwise miss a plain and uninteresting sign.

Where To Place an LED Sign For Maximum Exposure

Knowing where to put your sign will also increase the effectiveness of it. Here are some tips:

Outside Your Business

An LED sign can display useful news and information, like the date, time, and weather, or even events and statements about what your business does or what you provide. Outside, LED signage will grab the attention of potential customers and bring them into the store.

Inside Your Business

Placement of LED’s inside a business revolves around three key points: guiding customers around the store, advertising tertiary goods and additional services, or keeping them occupied while they wait to speak to an actual human being.

Near Additional Services

Similar to above, you can place LED signs around your store or office to broadcast the extra things you can do. For example, if you are a car dealership, you might have LED displays up near the detailing center to show people how the new car they are buying can be customized on site and save them money. If you are a convenience store, you might set up screens to show the price of food you offer or interactive displays for buying lottery tickets or a pack of cigarettes.

Use LED Signs The Right Way

Signs are for more than just pointing to your designated location. Signs convey information. LED displays do that better than anything else, because you can display all kinds of information, high quality graphics, and more. By knowing how to craft statements, place the signs, and what to display, you can increase the revenue generated by both the signs and your company without much more effort. It is all about attracting the customer then keeping them occupied!

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