How to Fix Gmail Authentication Failed with Outlook?

How to Fix Gmail Authentication Failed with Outlook?

If you are facing an issue Gmail Authentication failed with Outlook,when you are trying to connect your Gmail with an Outlook email client.

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You are unable to solve it. Don't worry! Follow the below-given solutions to solve it quickly.

Solution 1: Verify Enable IMAP in Gmail

  • Verify IMAP is enabled in Gmail, as IMAP allows email to access on other email clients like outlook.
  • Log in to your Gmail account by entering credentials.
  • Go to “Settings”. Choose the ‘Forwarding and POP/IMAP’ option.
  • Enable ‘IMAP’. Click “Save”.

Solution 2: - Enable ‘Less Secure Apps’

  • Open this link “” on your computer.
  • Then, enable or turn ON the ‘Access for less secure apps’ option.

Solution 3: - Disable ‘Two-Step verification’

  • If the above solution did not work, then try to disable the ‘2-Step verification’.
  • Navigate to this link “”, on your computer browser.
  • Then the 'Turn Off' the 'Two-Step Verification' option.

Solution 4: Verify Gmail TCP Ports Connectivity

If you still face Gmail Authentication failed with Outlook, then you need to confirm whether your computer or Internet service provider is not blocking the network ports utilized to access Gmail.

Hence, after performed the above solutions, your issue will be resolved.