#Valedictorian Shares Important #Life Lesson

#Valedictorian Shares Important #Life Lesson

Valedictorian Shares Important Life Lesson - Kyle Martin Speech

Valedictorian Shares Important Life Lesson - Kyle Martin Speech

Take over 4 minutes out of your day like over 190,000 people have done, to watch this short video, Valedictorian Shares Important Life Lesson - Kyle Martin Speech - Goalcast. In this epic valedictorian speech, Kyle Martin gets struck by the wisdom of the 16th second.

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  • I was in the running for this title, it was then that I decided I wanted it, so I worked hard for it, I sacrificed for it, and yes I stressed for it, and I got it!
  • When I heard my name announced with this, yeah 15 seconds of my heart racing and my adrenaline pumping, 15 seconds of yeah, 15 seconds of being at the top of the pile of all my accomplishments, and it felt euphoric but there must become a 16 second.
  • I don't even know what I was expecting, a parade of balloons to drop or maybe I was hoping that all of my problems would fade away, even in my heart I felt nothing in comparison to this amazing achievement but none of that happen not even in my heart I felt nothing.
  • Instead of academics taking your focus off your important relationships, it was your career you chose over your spouse
  • We are put on this earth by our Creator and we all have a purpose
  • Be generous with your time and money and a lot of relational issues will be resolved.

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Top Quotes from the Video:

"Working hard is good, but it should not be done for the sole purpose of a goals sake at the expense of relationship with others."
"I realized that the stress of this year, for this goal and a 5 minute speech was paid for with the lack of attending to relationships in my life, well lesson learned and self-reflection accomplished."
"I'm well aware that this is kind of a downer speech, but I don't care because a lesson learned, should be a lesson shared now."
"Here's the lesson......have no regrets in the sixteenth second, nothing is more important than your healthy relationships nothing, not your goals and not your successes."
"Relationships are where we get to influence, impact and change people's lives, your life cannot be meaningful without them."
"It's not too late to mend fractured relationships, any friends you haven't spoken to in a while because of your pride, parents when you disrespected, and teachers who you never thanked, just do it"
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