Getting to Know Purpose Provision Program

Getting to Know Purpose Provision Program

Purpose Provision Program was created by founder Heather-lyn Brown after she experienced first-hand the gap in local support networks.

Heather-lyn is no stranger to hardship. From a young age she became aware of the struggles her mother faced going through life with little support - including being brought along to work because hiring a babysitter just wasn’t possible.

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She also knows first hand the difference having a support network can make - whether it’s recovering from life changing accidents or on-going anxiety and panic attacks. With this in mind, Heather-lyn created Purpose Provision Program to provide the support to families who need it most.

“We want to be a support system to families who want more for themselves and their families. With each person that becomes part of our organization - whether as a sojourner (client), board member, employee, or mentor - it’s all about community, and no one is ever on an island alone.” - Heather-lyn Brown

Purpose Provision Program provides much needed support to single parents, newly migrated families, and low-income families. A popular service offered is for ‘date nights’ and ‘parents night off’: free babysitting so parents can have the time they so desperately need to recharge and reconnect - all so they can remain the supportive and inspiring parents their children need. Heather-lyn hopes to be able to include free pick-up as well, to save parents the cost of gas or a cab - making for a truly no-cost evening.

At it’s core, Purpose Provision Program assists parents on their own journey to a better tomorrow for their kids.

For more information on the program, or to get involved with the Purpose Provision Program, contact Heather-lyn at

Purpose Provision Program: "Extends Hands"