What Does A Support Network Mean for Children?

What Does A Support Network Mean for Children?

What long and short term effects can an unreliable support network have on children? How we help to ensure all families have access to the support they need?

Low-income families are significantly less likely to have a reliable support network. This can have serious long-term negative effects on both the family itself, and the children in particular.

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Support networks are made up of family and community members that see a need and take action to fill it:

“You create a village, and everyone has a role to play in the village – so the burden does not weigh heavily on just one person’s shoulders.”                              – Heather-lyn Brown

These networks provide much needed support and care to low income and newly migrated families – from education and training, to providing food and household essentials. Not having access to a support network can have some scary long-term effects.

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Without access to education and nutrition, or even required food sources, low income and newly migrated families may not be able to provide the proper nutrients for their families – leading to serious short and long term health implications for their children.

Ontario is seeing a rise in obesity and developmental issues – both directly linked to a lack of proper nutrition and nutritional training.

Often these families are faced with a higher rate of mental health issues as well – with little or no on-going daily support, everyday tasks can become overwhelming and cause anxiety, substance abuse, mood disorders, and eating disorders, among others.

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However, when you create a sense of community and support for these individuals and families, you can alleviate many of these issues. Everyone wins. These individuals can become contributing members of their community, and their children are set up for a more productive and happier life.

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