Purpose Provision Program - How Can You Help?

Purpose Provision Program - How Can You Help?

The Purpose Provision Program is always looking for employees and volunteers to help run their programs. Take a look at what programs we offer!

The Purpose Provision Program offers mentoring programs in the following areas, and we always appreciate your help!

Finance: Finance professionals provide mentorship to individual sojourners to help them shape and reach their financial goals. From creating a budget to helping breakdown long-term goals, this service is designed to educate sojourners on personal finance from the ground up.

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Personal Development: Purpose Provision Program offers coaching to parents looking to develop the skills they need to better parent and communicate with their children. Always focused on improving the lives of the next generation, this program helps set parents up for success - and their children.

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Career Development: This program is designed to help all sojourners - from newcomers to low-income families - create the career path that will best fit their and their family’s lives.

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Ready to help support your community? Contact us at info@purposeprovision.org for more information on how to get involved.

Could you or someone you know benefit from one of these programs? Contact us at info@purposeprovision.org.