Sunscreens and Bug Sprays the Natural Way

Sunscreens and Bug Sprays the Natural Way

Most people reach for conventional sunscreens & bug sprays, but they are often full of chemicals that do more harm than good. So what's the natural alternative?

Sun is out, and you know what that means – your skin will need extra protection. Everybody loves summer, but there’s a risk of getting sunburns or being bitten by disease-carrying insects during the warmer months.

Most people reach for conventional sunscreens and bug sprays, but those are often full of chemicals that do more harm than good. So what are the natural alternatives?

Natural Bug Sprays

While natural bug sprays won’t protect for as long as bug sprays containing DEET will, they also won’t put health at risk. Lemon eucalyptus oil is probably one of the best natural alternatives to conventional bug sprays. It’s almost as effective as DEET, but don’t use it on children under the age of three, as it is poisonous when ingested in high quantities. Other options include peppermint oil and citronella.

Natural Sunscreens

There’s a huge difference between conventional sunscreens and natural ones. Chemical sunscreens have sun protection ingredients that absorb UV rays, so you have to re-apply them once they’re absorbed. On the other hand, natural sunscreens make use of titanium and zinc, minerals that create a barrier which blocks UV rays. They also don’t contain as many allergens as chemical sunscreens, so skin irritations are much less likely.

Sunscreens and Bug Sprays the Natural Way

Natural Sun Screen

Natural Skincare Tips

When choosing any skincare product, whether it’s a bug spray, sunscreen or body lotion, make sure to look for natural ingredients. Run far away as you can from parabens, silicones and other harmful elements that only mask the damage they do to your skin.

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