Transform Spring with Natural Skin Care

Transform Spring with Natural Skin Care

It is the season of new beginnings, starting with self care. Replenish your skin by feeding it with natural organic delicious skin care.

Time for Transformation

Spring is a time of transformation, not just in nature but in our lives as well. Although there might be some drawback on our health, it is the season of new beginnings. And the best place to start is with having a keen self-awareness to taking care of ourselves.

Our bodies were created to naturally thrive on products grown from the earth. And, when it comes to taking care of our skin, and replenishing it with goodness after the winter, what better way than to do so naturally?

Purdy Natural’s Skincare range has some of the most nutritious products to nurture your skin back to health – the Smooth Move Lotion and Cocoa Luv Lip Balm, to mention just two.

Smooth Move Lotion

The “Smooth Move” lotion can be applied to both your face and body. It is suitable for all skin types and very gentle on specifically sensitive skin. Designed from naturally nourishing ingredients, and mixed with a blend of essential oils, it’s the best possible nurture for all your skin needs. Applying the lotion regularly will give a natural elasticity to your skin, leaving it feeling smooth and soft.

Smooth Move Skin Care, Purdy Natural, Organic Skin Care,

Smooth Move Skin Care

Ingredients include:

  • Grapeseed oil
  • Distilled water
  • Aloe vera gel juice
  • Coconut oil
  • Beeswax
  • Essential oils
  • Seabuckthorn oil
  • Vitamin E

Cocoa Luv Lip Balm

The “Cocoa Luv” lip balm is an enriched moisturizing lip treatment. It contains hints of chocolate, retrieved from the organic cocoa butter it contains. Its unique ingredients also help to nourish, plump and smooth wrinkles around your lips. This prevents your lips from drying out too quickly or flaking.

Cocoa Luv Lip Balm, Purdy Natural, Organic Skin Care

Cocoa Luv Lip Balm

Ingredients include:

  • beeswax
  • shea butter
  • cocoa seed butter
  • mango butter
  • jojoba oil
  • hemp seed oil
  • vitamin E

So, whether you are recovering from the harsh effects of winter or becoming aware of a new found need to take proper care of yourself, the Smooth Move lotion and Cocoa Luv Lip Balm are sure remedies to set you on a new path of self-care.


The Meaning of Spring and Transformations

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