Getting to Know Purdy Natural

Getting to Know Purdy Natural

With a passion for natural and quality products – and the expertise to make it happen – Purdy Natural has created an incredible brand and community.

Skincare Made with Love

Purdy Natural enjoys creating natural beauty and skincare products – and creating an incredible like-minded community around them. “We believe that our bodies thrive on ingredients that are grown from the Earth so we are committed to providing you the absolute best that Mother Nature has to offer.”

Our Signature Product - Salvation

The family-run business started when they realized their community needed a natural and holistic space that they could really rely on.

“We saw the opportunity to create this health minded place that people could trust – nothing like our business existed at the time, and we wanted to create real, positive change in the community and help bring people together.”

Salvation helped us launch our business into what it is today, influenced our brand identity, and was one of the first ways we joined forces to help build the collaborative community we now have, here in the Forest City.


Now, with a vibrant and active community, a flagship store in London, Ontario, and Stockists around the province, Purdy Natural has created the space they envisioned from the beginning – and it’s only growing!

Natural Skincare and More

From all-natural skincare and makeup, to locally made jewellery and specialty health food items, Purdy Natural is your one-stop-shop for amazing products with natural and quality ingredients.

All Purdy Natural products are:

  • made from scratch, with only the highest quality ingredients
  • free from parabens, fragrances, perfumes, dyes, and harsh chemicals
  • created with the most ingredient first: LOVE!

“If you can’t eat it, you shouldn’t put it on your skin!”

Purdy Natural also carries a variety of products for do-it-yourself skincare and make-up projects – and have the experience and education to teach you how to do it!

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Purdy Natural - Rokhsana

Can Purdy Natural Help You?

If you are interested in transitioning to natural products for your body and home, stop in to Purdy Naturals and have a chat with one of their experienced staff members!

If you battle skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, or acne, Purdy Natural can help you get in touch with a health care practitioner (Naturopath, Holistic Nutritionist, or Herbalist) to help guide you to better understand your unique needs, and the importance of removing harmful chemicals and synthetics from your diet and lifestyle.

From there, Purdy Natural can provide you with the best options for putting that information into practice!

The Purdy Natural community is made up of over ten thousand like-minded individuals, ready to take the #communityrevolution to the next level by promoting local businesses, running and attending incredible workshops, and supporting local charities.

Click HERE to visit (and shop!) their website, and find out how Purdy Natural is your next stop on your health and wellness journey!

Visit their Instagram or FaceBook Page and feel free to send us a comment below with the Talk to Us button