Understanding the natal chart with planets

Understanding the natal chart with planets

A natal chart or birth chart represents an overview of what the sky looked like when you were born.

A natal chart or birth chart represents an overview of what the sky looked like when you were born. Indeed, The Cafe astrology natal chart is the best way to develop an understanding of personality, abilities, and the focus on development.

It is essentially a very positive and inspiring way to learn a little more about yourself. The most important thing about these planets and their role is that they constitute your personality’s various facets. In this respect, you can identify the planets and their places in your natal chart.

Astrology is a combination of facts and observation. While the role of astrology has changed but some astrologers still observe and understand the planets like ancient Babylonians.

A four-dimensional display of a series of interconnected phases that is captured at the time of birth. In these phases, people can readily see the average and repetitive nature trends. However, It is also essential that you have the exact time and place of birth to ensure that your natal chart is right.

You can also learn about the importance of planets at https://www.wellhint.com. Let’s understand the six most crucial planet and their place in the sky.


The Sun is the most influential star that plays an essential role in understanding the natal chart. It represents your main character and personality.

It shows our fundamental motives, our way of working. The Zodiac sign LEO is connected with the Sun. Leos are renowned for their loyalty and loving behavior.


The moon represents our inner emotions. Your moon talks deeply about your feelings and who you are. The moon is related to the zodiac sign Cancer. The transit of the moon takes two and a half days approximately. You can learn about various moon phases for a better understanding of the natal chart.


Mercury is the symbol of communication in astrology. It is the inner planet representing our interaction with others. It is always necessary to read a natal chart.

Mercury represents logic and reason, while the moon reflects our passions. Besides, mercury is interconnected with the Gemini sign as well as the Virgo sign. It transits a zodiac sign for 13 to 14 days.


Venus is the planet of beauty, passion, and money. It is a source of spreading happiness and understating the Cafe astrology natal chart.

Venus represents our interest in art and culture and shows our romantic side. Venus governs both the Taurus earth sign and the Libra air sign. The transit of Venus takes about four to five weeks.


Mars is the fiery planet of action, bravery, motivation, and power. It is named Red planet, famous for its battle cry. Mars signal mostly concentrates on aggressive physical things. It also shows our passion and desire.

Mars relates to the zodiac sign Aries. The approximate transit time of Mars is six or seven weeks.


Jupiter is one of the giant planets of the solar system. It is the symbol of wealth, philosophy, and faith. It is a planet of chance and is known as glorious Jupiter because of its beautiful features.

Jupiter relates to the zodiac sign Sagittarius. The transit of Jupiter is about 12 to 13 months. Furthermore, all these facts and information help us to understand the cafe astrology natal chart.