The support system for farmers, Gungun seeds and agrochemicals put forward

The support system for farmers, Gungun seeds and agrochemicals put forward

As an agriculturally dominated country, more than half of the population of India depends on agriculture for their livelihood. For the farmers in India, their fortune depends on the yield and productivity of crops and also on getting a better price for their produce. The incorporation of modern technology and solutions into the sector has the potential to bring revolution to the overall production of the sector in an agriculturally dominated country like India.

A major contributor to agricultural products and solutions, Gungun seeds and agrochemicals is a flourishing agri-business company that started back in 2017. One of the most renowned manufacturers and marketers of chemical fertilizers, plant growth promoters, and bio-organic fertilizers. The products manufactured in the company are completely organic and are available in an affordable price range, which makes it the farmer’s first choice.

The founder of Gungun seeds and agrochemicals, a bio-fertilizers and fertilizers manufacturing and trading company, Gungun seeds and agrochemicals researching and training institute, Dr. Ranjana is a well-known personality in the industry. She is also the co-founder of SS Agro Genetics and Fertilizers Private Limited based in Agra. As a responsible citizen, she has always wished to contribute to strengthening the country's agricultural sector. The company covers the pan India level in trading of bio-fertilizers, fertilizers, and bio-pesticides.

With the vision to provide solutions using modern technological methods, the company strives to help farmers attain socio-economic growth backed by better production of crops using the products manufactured by the company. Gungun seeds and agrochemicals focus on aspects like collaboration and innovation for providing quality products by sharing global scientific knowledge and experience, including incorporating creative ideas and aspects to create products that help farmers tackle economic, environmental, and social challenges.

Apart from Gungun seeds and agrochemicals, the group has laid the foundation of the venture Gungun seeds and agrochemicals research and training institute which is a UDYAM registered institute under MSME, Government. The institute is an exceptional training center created along with the partner Gramin Shiksha Private Limited, focusing on the application of innovation and modernized solutions for agriculture-oriented skill-based training for the ones whose passion revolves around making it big as an entrepreneur.

The company links the farmers and consumers and empowers everyone to take a step further to an ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’. Under the supervision of Dr. Ranjana, the company has subsequently worked on its growth and reach, so it can cover consumers from different areas, altogether inspiring everyone to adopt better solutions that are the foundation of better yielding and production requirements.

Customer satisfaction is the ultimate aspect that empowers the team to dedicate themselves to the betterment of people and the sector in general. The group is more than happy to serve you with exceptional solutions and enjoys the process of offering the best to everyone.

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