Mould around your house: Is it harmful?

Mould around your house: Is it harmful?
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Living close to the coast often comes with humidity, and mould can appear around your house. Is it harmful? What can you do? Find out in this article!

Mould is a fungus that grows on various kinds of damp or decaying organic matter. We see it forming as tiny black or dark green spots around our house. It can grow into moss with time, which looks like a green carpet.

Whether large or small, mould can have severe consequences on your property and health. Therefore, you need to be aware of its effects and the importance of mould removal in the central coast, NSW.

Mould and your house

Mould is likely to appear when there is a combination of humidity, lack of sunlight, improper airflow, dampness, and shade. For instance, it is common to see lots of vegetation around the houses on the central coast, tall lush trees that give excellent shade during the summer. However, these trees create the perfect environment for the formation of mould. The tree leaves and branches retain humidity, they give shade, and this gives a slightly warmer temperature during the night, creating a micro-climate that is perfect for mould to prosper.

You will see mould spots appearing on your roof, driveway, and outside walls. If you don't remove the mould, it can grow into porous surfaces and cracks, expand the cracks, and ultimately break materials. Of course, the length of this process will depend on the materials used, with wood being the weakest and concrete the strongest. Nevertheless, quick action will save you from significant expenses on repairs in the future.

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Mould and your health

Mould can also damage your health and of your family members. How? Mould spores are practically invisible to the eyes and they can easily go up in the air, reaching the windows, doors, and outside areas of your house where you spend time. When you breath in these mould spores, your system is affected.

People with mould allergies can have serious reactions that can compromise their respiratory system, or even affect their thinking abilities and behaviour. Therefore, it is your utmost responsibility to protect your health and the wellbeing of your family by having proper mould removal in the Central Coast.

Mould removal

Mould removal is essential to protect your property and those whom you love. While there are many things you can do to remove the mould on your own, it is recommended to get help from a professional team to do the mould removal. Usually, they remove the mould by following three steps:

  1. Remove algae. Using chemical products you can eliminate the algae by killing it. The chemicals change different aspects of the environment where the algae lives causing it to die and making it impossible to regenerate.
  2. Remove fungus. There are plenty of options for fungus killers. you can even find some products that are environmentally-friendly that have excellent results when killing fungus. This is a great option so that you can eliminate the cause of mould but still protect your plants and vegitation.
  3. Pressure washing. After both algae and fungus are eliminated, a pressure or power wash is required to remove all mould remainings. Power washing the property is very effective in this regard, but you want to be careful to use the correct amount of pressure so as not to damage the surfaces.

Stop the mould today!

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