Can Post Surgical Care Improve Recovery Time?

Can Post Surgical Care Improve Recovery Time?

A lot of things just don’t function the way they use to. In many cases, surgery becomes the most effective or only option for treatment.

Required surgeries and other medical procedures become a lot more prevalent after reaching the age of 65.

This is true for the simple fact that our bodies become weaker and less mobile with age. A lot of things just don’t function the way they use to. Muscle mass diminishes, joints start to get worn, and senses like vision and hearing begin to fade.

In many cases, surgery becomes the most effective or only option for treatment.

Most surgeries for seniors tend to be for:

  • Hips
  • Knees
  • Shoulders
  • Eyes

A lot of seniors are hesitant about having surgery because of the long recovery time and potential complications that may arise.

Post surgical care is an excellent option for a quicker and fuller recovery. The same services can also help with preparation before the surgery even takes place.

What is Post Surgical Care?

Sometimes referred to as postoperative care, this type of care focuses on providing immediate rehabilitation to boost the chances of a favorable outcome after undergoing surgery or other medical procedures.

Two of the main priorities of post surgical care is to:

  1. Reduce inflammationImprove strength and mobility
  2. Improve strength and mobility

Post Surgical Care Services

There is a wide array of postoperative care services available to people experiencing a surgical procedure.

It is highly recommended to enlist these services from an experienced home care agency like Promyse Home Care before going into to surgery, to help with planning and preparation.

Some post surgical care services to consider are:

  • Home safety
  • Transportation
  • Ongoing assessment and review

Hospital Discharge Planning

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The transition from hospital to home can be an incredibly stressful experience and a hospital discharge meeting can ensure this transition is a smooth one.

This is one of the most effective services available for post surgical care.

Hospital discharge planning helps make sure there are no immediate setbacks after undergoing surgery. Any breaks in treatment and care can result in complications and even a return trip to the hospital.

If properly planned, care will continue uninterrupted with a smooth transition from the hospital back home.

Home Safety

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Promyse Home Care has teamed up with experienced Occupational Therapists (O.T.) who will carry out a detailed, in-home assessment, identifying the specific mobility challenges for you or a loved one.

Getting the home ready for the return from the hospital is crucial to a successful recovery.

Removing any trip hazards and clutter is suggested to prevent falls and possible re-injury.

Modifications may also be necessary depending on the type of surgery. Extra grab bars or railings may be required, or possibly home medical supplies and equipment.


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With Promyse Home Care Transportation Services for Seniors, getting around doesn’t have to be so difficult in Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge.

It is a good idea to have postoperative transportation arranged before going into the hospital. This helps avoid any confusion and stress about getting home once released from the hospital.

Home Support

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Housekeeping, Meals, Errands… all your tasks completed by a friendly Caregiver!

Post surgical caregivers can help with household chores and tasks while your loved one is getting back their feet.

Assistance with groceries, meals, housekeeping, and other errands can be a huge help.

Personal Care

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We understand that having someone help you with very personal tasks can be uncomfortable.

Another area where post surgical patients tend to require assistance is with personal care.

Caregivers can help with things like bathing, toileting, grooming, nutrition, and more.

Routines for rehabilitation exercises to improve strength and mobility can also be implemented.

Medication Management

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Medications are typically required after having surgery. In many cases, multiple medications are needed.

Caregivers can help with medication management and administration.

Ongoing Assessment

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Once your care has started, the Nurse Case Manager will also review your care plan with you regularly, to ensure your needs are being met at all times.

Post surgical services will also provide regular assessments and reviews of the recovery plan to ensure it continues to offer the desired results.

Promyse Home Care

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