A Company is as Strong as their Team

A Company is as Strong as their Team

Promyse Home Care is in the people business and having a strong PSW team that shows compassion is a value to their clients.

An interview with PSW -

Wes D PSW, of Promyse Home Care.

How long have you worked for Promyse Home Care?

“I have worked for Promyse Home Care for a little over a year and before that I worked as a PSW (Personal Support Worker) for about three years.”

Q: Why did you decide to become a PSW?

“I was working at McDonalds when my family talked to me about a course they thought would be a good fit for me. They suggested I take a course as a PSW because they felt I was empathetic and enjoyed helping others. I was a little skeptical at first, but since I didn’t see a future where I was, and wanted to continue working with people; I decided to take the course. I met some great people in the course which took approximately one year to complete. A month after I graduated, I was working in the field. The first few weeks were an adjustment period however it got better and now I really enjoy doing what I do.”

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Promyse Home Care provides compassionate elder care with in-home nursing services.

Q: What are the good things about being a PSW with Promyse Home Care?

“One of the best things about working for Promyse Home Care is helping people (the clients) get through their day a little better. The staff (PSWs, RPNs and RNs) and nurse supervisors are great to work with. The hours are flexible and consistent, which allows me to schedule other things into my life. Getting this experience as a PSW opens more doors in the health care field if in the future I decide to go back to school to become a nurse, or health practitioner. I am happy where I am and love working with my clients.

Q: Can you give an example of what you do for a client?

"I have been working with a client who had a bad accident and was also suffering from dementia. His family wanted him to stay in his home and I visited with him every couple days to see how he was doing, so I also got to know him and his family very well. We would walk a little every day inside and sometimes outside. It was great companionship for him. We worked on puzzles together to help keep his mind active. I also found some scrapbook albums and we would look through them together. We would spend full days together. Unfortunately he passed away and that is a difficult part of this job."

"We try to keep neutral emotions and not get too attached to our clients, while still being compassionate and caring. If there is a downside to being a PSW this would be it. When you work with the same client for a time, it can be tricky to find the balance. You are there to give them better quality of life and it is easy to become attached. As a PSW you learn to do the best you can for the time you have with each of your clients.

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Personalized care means your in-home caregiver knows exactly what you need and when.

"I am very happy working for Promyse Home Care, and helping others with their quality of life. I will continue to do the best I can for each client I am assigned to."

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