Top 5 Benefits of Retiring at Home

Top 5 Benefits of Retiring at Home

Do you have a long-term care plan for your lifestyle post-retirement? We take you through the top 5 benefits of retiring and staying at home.

Canadians are increasingly turning to in-home caregiving as they age. This is partially due to overcrowding and long wait lists for nursing homes or long-term care facilities, but there is also a shift towards remaining more independent longer into retirement, including living at home longer.

Here are the top five benefits to retiring at home!

1. Personalized Care

Home health care clients have comparable, and in many cases, better overall health outcomes compared to their nursing home counterparts - in large part due to the individualized care and focus that comes with in-home care. When you or your loved one receives one-on-one support and a customized health care plan, you are more likely to see them in optimal health.

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Personalized care means your in-home caregiver knows exactly what you need and when.

2. Affordable Options

Long-term care and retirement homes are expensive - and the more higher-end and more customized care you opt for, the higher those prices go. With in-home care and/or support, you can customize the services you receive, so you’re only paying for what you really need.

3. Family First

Everyone’s goal is to stay as close as possible to their family - and in-home care means you can remain living with your family, and/or stay easily accessible to those that travel to see you. And unlike retirement homes or long-term care facilities, your family can visit - and stay over - whenever you want them to!

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Spend all the time you want to with your family!

4. Reliable Advice & Support

Navigating the many components of our healthcare system - not to mention juggling various doctor’s appointments - is no easy task. An in-home caregiver can alleviate the stress that comes along with this navigation, and provide much-needed relief and peace of mind to concerned family members.

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We provide help with navigating the healthcare system and your own personal healthcare plan.

5. Maintain Your Independence

When you or a loved one are able to remain at home into retirement, an important sense of independence is maintained - crucial for avoiding feelings of helplessness and depression as we age. Being able to opt-in to only the services you need allows you to continue partaking in the activities you enjoy while getting some extra support with those that are more challenging.

Promyse Home Care in Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge provides compassionate elder care with in-home nursing services that help seniors stay healthy at home.