Local Fall Activities for Seniors and their families

Local Fall Activities for Seniors and their families

There’s something beautiful about the cooler days of fall. The leaves changing colours of gold and orange makes being outside a pleasure.

Fall is a time to enjoy the outdoors before the onset of snow and challenges for our aging loved ones with falls etc. It is a time the whole family can enjoy events together and most places that have accessibility.

Here are some ideas and fun fall activities for seniors that can be enjoyed alone, with family and friends, or with a Promyse Home Care caregiver.

Enjoy a Fall Countryside Train Ride

Enjoy a train ride on heritage railway equipment through the area’s beautiful farming landscape rich in Mennonite heritage. Select dates from September 23 – October 30, 2021.


Strom’s Farm & BakeryStrom’s Farm & Bakery is a second-generation farm that started in 1978. Join in on the fun and get lost at their 6-acre corn maze. But only until Oct 31 for the maze

Promyse Home Care, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge

Snyder’s Farm Fun - With Hayrides, corn maze, and Haunted House, Snyder’s Family Farm is the place to go this fall

Faul Farm - This family-owned farm has been operating since 1957, raising naturally fed beef, pork, chicken, turkey, and lamb. Head over to their farmyard store and get a taste for conscientious farming. While you’re there, pick up a few artisan crafts and gifts for the fall table.

Markets are a great place to take a stroll

St. Jacob’s Farmers’ Market

This harvest season, visit Canada’s largest year-round Farmer’s market and choose from 100s of local vendors featuring farm-fresh foods, crafts, imported goods, and more.

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Kitchener Market

Head on down to the Kitchener Market on Saturdays to shop local produce, dairy, and specialty items while enjoying live music by local musicians.

Cambridge Farmer’s Market

Starting in 1830, this is one of the oldest farmer’s markets in Canada. Featuring local seafood, baked goods, cheeses, meats, produce, and arts and crafts, you’ll certainly leave with a taste of the country.

Barrie’s Asparagus Farm and Country Market

This family-owned and operated homestead has been operating since 1892. Although specializing in asparagus, they also grow rhubarb, corn, and pumpkins, and carry fresh local produce, meats, cheese, honey, maple syrup, grains, baking, preserves, eggs, dairy, & more. Open daily, year-round.

Promyse Home Care, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge

Bake Party

After you pick up some fresh apples from one of the local markets or If getting out is a bit of a challenge for your aging loved ones, there is always a baking day. Whether it’s baking an apple pie or crumble or making a batch of your favourite cookies—baking is a wonderful way to spend a fall day. Have a little baking party with your family or friends, or together with a caregiver who can pick up what you need and help with cleanup afterwards.

Fall Crafts

You don’t need to be crafty to make something beautiful. The internet is full of free tutorials for fall/Halloween and winter-themed crafts for people of all skill levels and ages!

Fallen leaves can be strung together to make a festive fall garland and pinecones and acorns gathered and painted to display in bowls and on mantles.

Promyse Home Care, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge

Our Promyse Home caregivers would be happy to shop for the things you need to make some lovely crafts or take your loved ones out for a walk to collect leaves and other fall items.

Fall is Soup Time

The perfect time to try out fall soup recipes with in-season ingredients. There are many fall vegetables perfect for a warm home-made soup and family and friends or caregiver can enjoy helping, tasting and pitch in with the cleanup.

This Butternut Squash Soup is filled with fall vegetables like squash, potatoes, and carrots. So good for you and warming on a cool Fall day.

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