Myths about In-Home Care Services

Myths about In-Home Care Services

In-Home Care services are often misunderstood as a senior care option. Yet, in-home care might be the best option for you or your loved ones.

As people age, everyday activities may become increasingly more challenging. Seniors may become fearful of preparing meals on their own, and they may not feel safe with personal care tasks on their own.

Seniors can safely take care of their daily needs when they have the right care and assistance.

Over the past year or so, with the challenges arising from the pandemic, it has become less appealing to place loved ones in assisted care facilities and nursing homes. More families and their senior loved ones are choosing to age in place, in the comfort and familiar environment of their homes.

With in-home care growing in popularity, family members may have some concerns getting help when they hear the myths out there, so it is important to understand the truth so that families can make an educated decision about the benefits of in-home care services as an option for remaining at home longer.

Myth – In-Home Care is expensive

The assumption is that in-home care services are expensive. The truth is that it is more affordable than other forms of senior living, primarily because it is based on the number of hours the attendant spends with the senior.

The cost for senior care at home can be a more affordable option than a senior home, and with insurance coverage, the costs can be even cheaper.

A study by Homecare Ontario showed that assisted living is 1.2–1.8 times more expensive and long-term care is 2.2–3.4 times more expensive than supporting clients at home with home and community care services.

Myth - Family can take care of all the caregiving needs of their loved ones

Being able to provide care for senior loved ones so they can stay at home longer is noble and can also be rewarding, however, it can be emotionally and sometimes physically overwhelming with work, children, and other responsibilities of day to day. It is important for the family caregivers to take time for themselves.

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Hiring in-home caregivers to provide personal or companion care does not mean you stop caring for your loved one. It provides you with a break and the peace of mind they are getting professional help for all their needs. A professional caregiver will provide assistance when the family caregiver is unavailable and follow the care plan already in place.

Myth - You cannot trust In-Home caregivers.

We always want the best care for our aging family and it is natural to feel some uncertainty when bringing someone new into the home. This can be especially so if you fear that someone might take advantage of them. When you hire a professional caregiver from a reputable agency, you can rest assured there will be nothing to be concerned about.

Promyse Home Care, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge

At Promyse Home Care, our team is carefully screened for their training, knowledge, experience and selected for their care and compassion. You can be assured that the caregiver assigned to you will be qualified, professional, and carefully matched to your needs and preferences. We also recognize that continuity of care is essential for building a trusting relationship and provides the highest client satisfaction.

During our initial visit, our Nurse Manager gathers the information to build our plan of care to ensure we assist you in a way that meets your needs and preferences. We understand that your home is your personal space, and we will ensure this is respected while we assist you.

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