Get The Most Out of Your Commercial Construction Projects with These 5 Tips

Get The Most Out of Your Commercial Construction Projects with These 5 Tips

Any construction project can be extremely overwhelming. Getting a commercial construction project off the ground, especially, requires careful planning

Any construction project can be extremely overwhelming. Getting a commercial construction project off the ground, especially, requires careful planning and research. You need to be informed of all the options out there to make the right decisions when the time comes. Here are some quick tips for you to become better acquainted with the world of commercial construction and make better decisions in the long run:

Plan A Budget

Much like anything, before starting a commercial construction project, it is important to take time to plan your budget. This is because construction and renovation projects can have a lot of surprises. Therefore, your budget should include all the costs for land, design, and construction of the building. Additionally, you should include between five and ten percent contingency in your budget. To get a better understanding of how much you will be spending, you can get a quote from your contractor.

Understand Contractor Delivery Methods

Commercial contractors will offer a variety of delivery methods for completing the project, such as design-bid-build, design-build, contraction manager at risk, and job order contracting.


This method is most common when it comes to completing construction projects and will most likely be the one you will opt for. This delivery method consists of three phases: the design phase, the bid phase, and the build phase. Additionally, this method is a great option for commercial construction. Even though the process can be lengthy, it lets you work with the construction team for the best price for the project.

The design phase starts with the business owner hiring a designer, either an architect or an engineer, to design the building. During this process, the designer will prepare any necessary drawings and specifications that the contractor’s team might need to complete the construction.

During the bid phase, the contractor will review the documents from the design phase and confer with his team to prepare their bid. The bid represents a general price from the contractor. Additionally, bids can vary greatly for the same project. After the bids have been submitted, the designer will review them, ask for any additional information, and choose the bid that best fits your needs.

Once the winning bidder has been selected, the building phase begins. This delivery method is unique because the designer will oversee the work of the contractor, which helps ensure that you will be happy with the final product.


This method reduces the timeline from a design-bid-build project. In this method, the design and contractor are a person that fulfills both roles. Therefore, it takes away the bidding process which can take a while.

The design-build process starts with you coming up with what you would like to be included in your project and opening your doors to proposals. These proposals will be applications from contractors who think they would be a good fit for your project. Once you have chosen a contractor, you will meet with them and get all of the details down. This is especially good for bigger projects that need to move quicker.

Construction Manager at Risk

This delivery method is also known as CMAR, and it also derives from the Design-Bid-Build process. However, instead of the designer overseeing the project, and construction manager is hired by the owner to oversee everything. The CM will be the owner’s representative and advocate in every step of the construction process.

During the design phase, the construction manager will work on the owner’s behalf to value the engineer and find cost-saving opportunities where possible. The CM will then present the owner with their guaranteed maximum price. This is the set value that the project will not exceed. If the project is under the GMP, the CM will be rewarded by the owner through a cost-sharing agreement. However, if it exceeds the value, the CM takes risk of making up the difference.

Job Order Contracting

Job Order Contracting is an indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity project delivery method. This means that the contract can have multiple projects, as opposed to a single-project contract. This delivery method is good if you need to complete a high volume of construction projects each year since it is much quicker than the other delivery methods.

In this method, the contract defines everything that needs to be done during a period of time. Therefore, it is a great solution if you need to perform a variety of small to medium construction projects, such as repairs, renovations, and maintenance. However, this is not a good option for new construction.

Select A Contractor

The contractor is the most important part of the whole project. Therefore, when selecting a contractor, you need to make sure they have the experience, resources, and skills to complete the commercial construction project. Additionally, they should have established working relationships with architects, engineers, and subcontractors that have quality skills and workmanship. Your contractor should be the one that suggests the best delivery method for your project.

Establish Realistic Deadlines

Now that you have started to see that your project is coming to life, you might want to rush things. However, it is of the utmost importance that you are realistic about the deadlines of each step in the project. Overall, it takes time to build a quality commercial building. This is because there are many moving parts, such as contractors, heavy equipment, local ordinances, and building inspectors involved in the process. Additionally, weather can play a role in everything since, some days, the team cannot work at all due to inclement weather.

Communicate Frequently & Clearly

One of the most important practices for a successful commercial construction project is effective communication. As the owner, you might need to decide if any unforeseen circumstances arise during the construction process. Therefore, you must communicate with the team frequently to know what is going on. Additionally, you can streamline communications with a single point of contact.

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