Divorce In UAE- Making A Clean Break Easy

Divorce In UAE- Making A Clean Break Easy


Divorce, in technical terms, can be defined as the dissolution of marriage. It is a legal procedure of terminating any marriage or marital relationship. After completion of the process of divorce, the man and the woman are called divorcee. There can be enough reasons which can lead to the occurrence of divorce, and the major among them include:

Insufficient Money for a healthy family life

No intimacy in relations


Domestic violence or Abuse

Lack of compatibility

Compatibility issues

Forced marriage

Lack of communication

No compassion or love in the relationship

Apart from the above, there can be many other reasons leading to divorce. At the time of filing a divorce in UAE, some legal procedures need to be followed. You need a divorce lawyer's assistance to file the case, be it a mutual or a contested divorce. Now how can you get a divorce quickly and smoothly?

Before you file the divorce in UAE, search for a reputed and experienced divorce lawyer in UAE.

One needs to answer the divorce questionnaire and share it with the lawyer. This will give an idea as to where the divorce will be filed and what the costs will be.

A petition for divorce will be filed in the Family Guidance Centre, which falls under Personal Status Court.

The lawyer will meet the couple and will talk to them. The professionals will try to sort out the problems before the case starts if there is any scope left for saving the marriage.

For contested cases, couples will be called in court for a counselling session and will be given a chance to speak for their side. The discussion will be done for property and child custody.

The counsellor will decide on the number of sessions required for the final settlement.

When both parties are okay with the agreement, the counsellor approves for divorce and decides the final date for appearing in the court.

The agreement will be filed and submitted in court. If it is written in English, the court will get that translated in Arabic.

On the final day of the hearing, the couple will meet the judge along with the translator. After taking note of divorce details, the divorce order is issued on the same day in the Arabic language.

For seamless and clean breakup during Divorce in UAE, one needs the assistance of a good lawyer. Do enough research before you hire the lawyer for your divorce case.

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