5 Modern french casement windows Ideas Will Make your Home Beautiful

5 Modern french casement windows Ideas Will Make your Home Beautiful

Replacing existing windows with French casement windows adds personality to your home.

Replacing existing windows with French casement windows adds personality to your home. If you live in an older house, incorporating aluminium casement windows can bring it to life. If you live in a modern home, replacing old windows with the latest window designs can dramatically enhance the look.

A home with statement architectural designs is bound to stand out. Look at these five ways to beautify your home with French casement windows.

1. Classic White French Windows

Aluminium French windows are specialized aluminium casement windows with two sashes that can swing inwards or outwards. If you have a back door that leads to a living area, replacing it with an aluminium French window design would be beneficial. French casement windows are narrower and have more elegant proportions than the regular doors. The large glass panes will bring maximum sunlight into your living room, making it bright and cheerful.

2. Black French Casement Windows

White French windows are lovely, but not all French windows have to be white. Installing coloured French casement windows can give your home a visual boost. Considering a black French door for your new front door is a bold and stylish idea. Black French casement windows direct the focal point onto the front door and anchor the rest of the rooms that are in white. Add a black aluminium casement window to achieve a charming fusion of modern and rustic farmhouse look.

3. French Windows With Playful Glass Grids

Playing with glass panes is another option for creating unique French casement windows. Choose a combination of large and small glass panes instead of the conventional grid. It will give your windows a whole new look while maintaining the timeless elegance of these aluminium casement windows style.

4. The Classic Interior Divider

French windows are not limited to playing the medium between the inside and outside of the house. Installing a French aluminium window design as an internal room divider is a game-changer. Consider home library, walk-in closet, pantry, or other spaces where the glass panes may come in handy.

French windows and doors are famous for dividing interior spaces while keeping them connected and allowing light to pass. If space is a problem to swing open the sashes, consider turning the tall French windows into pocket doors. You can save space while maintaining the elegance that French windows bring to any room.

5. French Windows as Windows

Aluminium French window designs allow more light into space and make it appear larger. But does that jeopardize privacy? No, you still have choices for keeping things private. Hanging drapes, blackout curtains, or blinds & shutters will give you privacy. Curtains decorate the room, blocks light, and provide privacy. Hang the curtains in the highest position to create an illusion of larger space by drawing the eyes to the top.


LIXIL windows and doors function effortlessly by separating two spaces while allowing easy access between them. They create a seamless transition throughout the living areas or a continuous flow between the indoors and outdoors. Include these elegant aluminium casement windows style to the entrances, patio, corners, or dividers for facilitating air circulation and leveraging an extensive outdoor view.