Foray into a safe future with the Contactless facial recognition attendance syst

Foray into a safe future with the Contactless facial recognition attendance syst
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There were so many technological advancements made in the past decade, that one part of our world seems to be straight out of the movie. No one, I repeat, no one would have thought that technology would make such a difference in our lives and make them the most integral part. And to add one more to this list here is something astounding - Face recognition attendance software.

So far, there had been days when people would sign in a register to mark the attendance and then came the time when they can press their fingers to the screen to mark the attendance. But with this software here now, strictly no touching business for marking attendance. Thanks to the COVID-19. Not that I’m really thankful for it. Anyways, on the other end, we have to be thankful for this software.

After the post corona outbreak, there are many companies that wish to have a safe and hygienic working environment to ensure the welfare of its employees. Cool right? Wait until you get to know about this software.

The Contactless Facial Recognition Software is the new software that would let the employees inside the companies only after they match two important criteria.

One, to have their masks on their faces.

Two, they must be maintaining the social distance.

Now you realise how safe it is to have such software, right?

The employee should stand in front of the system, and the device camera will scan their faces and features are analysed. The analysed features are then compared with the stored faces, and the details are retrieved. The user will be given a few seconds to put on the mask, and their faces would be scanned again. After this, the system would scan for the surrounding and only when the distance is assured, and the attendance will be marked.

As a final thought, having software such as this is definitely a boon, so make use of it soon. Reach out to our Appdupe team to make the software yours now!