Instacart Clone app

Instacart Clone app
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Top features of the app

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Including a GPS option in your cornershop clone app would make it easier for the drivers to deliver the groceries on time. As no one can possibly know every single address in a town so it would be handy for the drivers to just search in the maps to navigate directly to the delivery address. At the same time, this option will give the privilege to your customers to directly track the position and the estimated time of arrival of the delivery executives from their smartphones. It also increases the reputation of your brand in the market.

Option to add products to the cart:

This may seem to be a simple option in an app for many, but a clear explanation is necessary to learn about the importance of this feature. Sometimes a customer may not check out all the products, and sometimes they might choose to go window shopping. In such times, they will not check out immediately or decide to drop some products finally. At such times having a cart in your app can come for aid. It gives the privilege for the customers to make the purchase afterward whenever they like.