How to Be In the Top-Level College Basketball Game?

How to Be In the Top-Level College Basketball Game?

Premier players guide you with what is an athlete’s real chances of playing top-level college basketball and then going on to get drafted into the NBA.

Playing college basketball is the dream of many high school athletes, but dreaming alone isn’t enough to play division 1, division 2, and division 3 of college basketball because the chances of a high school basketball player playing college football are very slim.

To put this into perspective, 3.4% of athletes who play basketball in high school go on to play college basketball, and if you want to see the success rate of these 3.4% go on to get drafted into the NBA in only 1.2%.

If you are a high school basketball player, know that the chances of you making it to the NBA is 0.03%, and that is a fact and in no way a demoralizing statement. These are just interesting stats that show what are an athlete’s real chances of playing top level college basketball and then going on to get drafted in the NBA.

However, we will not be talking about how hard it is to get to play college basketball in this article, but go over a checklist that can help players play college basketball and to see themselves featured in (DI, II, or III) levels.

Before we get into the checklist, basketball players and athletes need to understand that the checklist is not a guaranteed way of playing college basketball because there are so many other factors associated with it that can affect the outcome. Granted, it is not an easy process, but this checklist will work as a guideline for players and parents to understand what needs to be done to make it to the college basketball starting lineup one day.

Must Love the Game

This is probably an obvious thing for a high school basketball player, but it might surprise you that several athletes do not like the game itself. They keep playing it because they love the perks that come with it, for example, the attention that they get, the awards or they are just playing the game. After all, their parents want them to play the game.

Players play the game for different reasons other than the love for the game, and if that continues then they will not be able to last basketball at the college level. This is because playing basketball at the college level is a full-time job and players need to make plenty of sacrifices to be considered to start games.

Players will not be “given” playing time they will have to earn it, and if someone does not love the game then how can they overcome these roadblocks?

Have a Great Work Ethic

To become a five-star basketball player in the United States, players must have a serious work ethic to play at the highest level. The work ethic will allow them to develop the necessary skills to survive at the top level, and that means sacrificing a lot to work on your game. That also means staying clear of parties, skipping fun times with friends, and passing up on vacations. Players with a mindset on their goals and who have a serious work ethic will not mind all of this because they have a strong will to play at the top level, and at the end of the day these sacrifices will differentiate between good and great players.

Must-Have the Right Physicals Attributes

This is the most important part of an athlete, especially the one who wants to play and succeed in college basketball. You cannot all be LeBron James or Dwight Howard, but to compete you have to have the right physical tools to turn heads. If you have short height but pace then that can be a substitute for other physical attributes, however, for a basketball player, height is an essential physical tool that can be a great asset for any team.

These physical attributes have to work in synergy for a player to be successful, for example, if a player is tall and not athletic then that might be a problem because tall players also need to slide, jump and run. They also need to be coordinated, and be able to pass, shoot, dribble, catch and so all while running.

And then you have to condition your body to endure long sessions on the floor, running up and down, and be agile enough to be effective when it matters.

It does not matter how talented you are, you need to put in the hours to gain these physical attributes to compete in college-level basketball.

Follow College Basketball Players

Watch college basketball players during men’s basketball season and women's college basketball season and see how they play the game. Watching players who play in your position can help you pick up some important details that you can work on at the gym and develop that skill.

Also, take the time out to follow these players in the offseason as well. Most division 1, division 2, and division 3 college basketball players have their own YouTube channels where they showcase the time they wake up, how much they train in a day, class, and mainly what goes in a day of a (DI, II, or III) basketball player.

This is very informative for high school athletes as it prepares them mentally for how tough it is going to be and what they need to do now to reach that stage.


This article was meant to show high school players what it will take to play college basketball” if they do not love the game, have minimum physical attributes, and do not have the right mindset, then playing college basketball will be almost impossible.

These guiding principles can reaffirm a high school athlete’s mindset and get to keep going in the right direction and also can be a wake-up call for many who are aspiring to become college basketball players and go beyond but cannot check off any item from the aforementioned checklist.