What is a Labor & Birth Support Professional?

What is a Labor & Birth Support Professional?

Having the emotional support of a Precious Moments Babeez Labour and Birth professional during your labour and birth can make it easier and more enjoyable.


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Having a support person or a group of support people with you during your labour and birth can make it easier and more enjoyable. You may want to consider having the emotional support during labour and delivery of a Labour and Birth professional.

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What is a Labour and Birth Professional?

Birth/labour professionals are pregnancy and labour coaches who support moms and their partners throughout the pregnancy and birth process. A Perinatal Support worker or Doula can help you navigate through your pregnancy and delivery by educating you on various aspects of pregnancy and supporting you through labor and delivery. They can help ease your concerns and stress through pregnancy and are available to you when you feel you need to be reassured. They will also offer comfort tips and work on a birth plan to ensure YOU are the decision maker in your baby’s birth. During labor they will offer hands on support for you and your partner throughout the entire labouring process so you can be confident that your best interest is always being considered.

Why Use a Labour & Birth Professional?

Labours tend to be shorter with less need for technical aid, and there is greater maternal satisfaction. Labor professionals help foster a more relaxed postpartum environment as well, and enhance early mother-infant relationships, breastfeeding and family adjustments.

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Mother-Infant Relationships

What do Labour and Birth Professionals do?

Labour and Birth Professionals understand the physiology of birth, the emotional needs of a woman in labour and assist in preparing and planning for the birth

• They help the woman and her partner obtain information they need to make good decisions

• The quality of emotional care received by the mother during labour, birth and immediately afterwards is a vital factor that can strengthen the emotional ties between the mother and child. The importance of this relationship cannot be over emphasized, since these early relationships largely determine the future of each family.

• They can assist with comfort techniques during labor

• They can assist with breastfeeding and newborn care in the first few hours.

A Labour and Birth Professional does not replace the woman’s partner or care providers, nor make decisions for (or speak instead of) her client. At no time will a birth professional perform clinical or medical tasks.

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Precious Moments Babeez has a complete Labour and Birth Support package with everything you need to be informed and ready. For more information or to book labour support visit our WEBSITE