How do I get baby to sleep through the night?

How do I get baby to sleep through the night?

Debbie Fazio has worked with babies’ hands on, in home with families globally for over 13 years, to empower them with Sleep Training Support.


Debbie Fazio - Precious Moments Babeez Sleep Consultant

1. Why Choose a Precious Moments Babeez Sleep Consultants over another?

Sleep Trainers are popping up careful! Its important to understand that a traditional doula is not trained to offer Sleep Training Support to families. Although some may have basic sleep skills, this does not qualify them to offer consultations on Sleep Nurturing or Sleep Training. It is also important to acknowledge that some consultants have only taken an online course for sleep training and have never worked in the field with babies and young children. There are many physiological and psychological practices that must be understood about human nature and sleep before even attempting to sleep train a baby or there could be serious harm done. Debbie Fazio has worked with babies’ hands on, in home for over 13 years.

She started off as a Doula then certified in various programs such as Advanced Sleep Consultant, Happiest Baby on the Block, Safe Sleep and more. She is a member of the Canadian Sleep Foundation and the National Foundation of Sleep. She has collaborated with many professionals and doctors who offer specialties to parents and support her mission on helping parents and babies sleep better. She has worked with families globally and continues to empower them with tools and knowledge for supporting healthy sleep habits.

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Here a video to learn more about choosing a sleep consultant.

2. How do we Implement a good sleeping schedule and routine for our new born?

The best way to start this is by making sure you create a great sleep foundation. Ensuring that baby’s' room is conducive to sleep, a proper feed and sleep schedule has been established, ensuring great feeds throughout the day and a routine that will help facilitate key messages of sleep for your little one.

3. What do we need to know about setting up the nursery for better sleeping?

Safe sleep space is most important. Ensure the use of a proper updated crib, no thick or loose bedding and free from and toys or blankets. Room should range between 18-22 degrees and the use of a swaddle or sleep sack are ideal depending on skill of your baby. Its also great to have a blackout curtain with a night light to help control the room environment and increase melatonin. And lastly, my favourite tool, a white noise machine which should be used for all sleeps.

Setting up the Nursery

4. Is there training available to help my baby develop and maintain good sleeping habits?

Our Babeez Dream Team is always here to help. There are various programs you can choose from. You can book a simple 30 min Q&A where you can ask all your questions or a full system that provides you with everything you need to know from schedules, routines and sleep attributes right to the full overnight support to help you while implementing training.

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