Why Hire Precious Babeez Home Support?

Why Hire Precious Babeez Home Support?

Precious Moments Babeez believes in empowering families! We provide comprehensive care and education for new & expecting parents.

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Precious Moments Babeez is a team of PNSW's, Labour and Postpartum Doulas, Registered Nurses, Night Nannies and Sleep Consultant(s) offering a diverse range of services to support your journey from pregnancy, through childbirth and into parenting.

With many years of combined experience, we are dedicated to your needs and offer insight and thoughtfulness.

The following video with Debbie Fazio, owner of Precious Moments, was a live video on Facebook and explains what you should know as a parent looking for support and when you are deciding to hire a sleep consultant and Support Team.

Debbie Fazio

On the Precious Babeez Website there is a plethora of information to help you understand the kind of support we offer for

  • Labour and Birth Support,
  • Postpartum Support and Home Care,
  • Lactation Support, Sleep Consultation & Coaching,
  • Parenting Solutions and
  • classes in Prenatal both private and in group sessions. Our Babeez Ed Classes is the perfect class to learn and practice some of the new skills you will need as parents

You can also find a list of excellent resources within the community

Precious Moments Babeez


If you are considering hiring home support, we are happy to discuss with you your needs and design a support system for you and your family.

I have been so fortunate to team up with the most experienced and dedicated women who truly believe that parenthood needs to be savored not survived! Together, our team of PNSWs, Doulas, Nurses, Lactation Consultants and Sleep Consultants have created a support system that have helped and will continue to help families across the country enjoy their precious babies!” Debbie Fazio

Precious Moments Babeez

Debbie Fazio

Debbie's Credentials

Perinatal Support Worker Founder & Faculty, Reducing SIDS Certification, Newborn and Infant Care Specialist, Advanced Infant Sleep Consultant, Postpartum Doula, Certified Happiest Baby Instructor, Trained in the Shaken Baby Syndrome -SBS, Certified Baby and Toddler Sign Language Instructor

Over 9000 hours directly working with babies. Over 6000 of those hours is working with twins and triplets

Please feel free to send us a message to discuss all the options of working together.

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Working Together Supporting Every Step