Why should you prefer an online Personal Loan?

Why should you prefer an online Personal Loan?

PHOCKET is a fully legally compliant app that is trusted by more than a lac people. With thousands of loans already disbursed.

Did you know that loans have moved online too like everything else? That going and waiting in banks day after day is no more needed and you can freely browse through the options available through your mobile phone and pick one?

Yes, we are not talking about online shopping but get instant personal loan online. And both are possible to be availed via the same route now. With fintech evolution and penetration of smartphone on each hand, getting instant personal loans are now possible. Legally approved app PHOCKET is one leading example of it.


PHOCKET is a fully legally compliant app that is trusted by more than a lac people. With thousands of loans already disbursed and a good amount of re-application happening, PHOCKET’s performance is a testimonial. PHOCKET does not ask for a lot of documentation and process loans instantly. Their services are available 24/7 and you can take any amount of loan ranging from 5000 INR to up to 2 lacs INR.

We can now break down the features of the app point-wise:

From 5000 to 5 lacs:

At PHOCKET we understand that the need could be of any amount; thus, there is no discrimination in the treatment or processing of any amount of loans. Documents, time, and rules apply the same for all. So shy not, get your best personal loan deal now.

Super-fast processing and disbursement:

PHOCKET’s team work 24/7 around the year to help you with your loan needs and actually make them super fast. The whole process from application to disbursement takes less than an hour. Sometimes even 10 mins! What else can you wish for? Apply for a same-day loan now.

Repayment as flexible as possible:

While filling in your application, you will have to go through an EMI calculator where you can play with loan amount & tenure to get EMI options. Depending on your earnings and affordability, you can make your best personal loan offering by yourself.

Attractive Rate of interests:

Generally, short-term and instant credit are associated with exorbitant rates of interest as the case is with Overdraft, Credit cards, and so on. PHOCKET understands the problem and also the need for instant cash. Hence, it provides instant loans at very low-interest rates. So you can even use their offerings to pay off expensive debts.

Trust & Legal:

PHOCKET is a fully legally compliant app of a registered legal entity. Our reach with lacs of people and crores of loans disbursed is a testimony of our acceptance. Worry not, get worry-free after taking our loans.

So, know you know why PHOCKET is your friend in need of instant cash. Keep the app handy and enjoy the offering! Be ready with scanned docs and visit the website (or download the mobile app now: Phocket — Instant Personal Loan). Your financial emergency need is no more a problematic event.