Is the rough path better than the smooth?

Is the rough path better than the smooth?

Why do so many people survive and thrive on severe adversity, yet many more let minor challenges disrupt their lives?

That's the biggest question in my life.

I think I have part of the answer, but I am not a psychologist or any type of scientist. However I have had an extraordinary life, vastly different to that of most people in Western societies. I have observed the good, bad and very ugly extremes of human nature under a huge range of conditions.

My conclusion:

Life in the late 20th and early 21st centuries has become too easy, too bland, too controlled, too safe, too restrictive.

Now it's changing for the better in some ways, getting worse in others.

The lifetime job

That's one of the big ones, lifetime employment with one or very few employers and a good pension at the end is obsolete.

Is that good or bad?


Good for those that can adjust to it, disastrous for those who can't.

The struggle to keep the model alive is playing out in union controlled industries and government departments. It's doomed. Doomed by Technology, Globalisation and Economics.

Advances in technology are pushing us back to the self employment, short term, seasonal or contract type employment of the 18th and 19th centuries.

We are becoming digital artisans, using our skills to generate income, perhaps from several different activities.

To be continued.