Garden Tips for Fall

Garden Tips for Fall

Time to tidy up your garden and prepare it for winter.

Here in South Western Ontario, we have had a warm dry summer. That's good for outdoor sports and leisure activities, but not as good for your garden.

Temperatures will start dropping in the next few days. It's time to prepare your garden for winter.

How to get tips for preparing your garden for winter.

There is a lot of information on the Internet. One of the best sites is Landscape the home of the Trade Association of Landscapers and Garden Service providers. That's where I found this checklist.

If you need expert help, you could visit our Directory of Landscaping Companies in Waterloo Region.

To save you some time, the most important tasks for the next few months are set out below:


  • Put manure and compost on flower and vegetable beds.
  • Collect seeds you want to keep for replanting.
  • Collect herbs to be dried and stored for use.
  • Plant new shrubs and trees - this should be done 6 weeks before first frost.
  • Fertilise your lawn.


  • Dig out the more delicate bulbs and store them in a cool dark place.
  • Water shrubs and trees until the ground freezes - particularly important after the hot dry summer this year.
  • Cut out dead and diseased leaves.
  • Collect fallen leaves, small branches and other bits of vegetation.


  • Give your lawn its last fertiliser application.
  • Drain and put away hoses and sprinklers.
  • Clear leaves from gutters and down pipes.
  • Put mulch around rose bushes.

A bit of time and care in preparing your garden for Winter will pay dividends in Spring.

Here's a short video on collecting seeds.

Gary pilarchik