How I Became The Born-Again Energist

How I Became The Born-Again Energist

Let me tell you a little story...

Let me tell you a story about Peter.

Peter was working in the hospitality industry in various kitchens around the Greater Toronto Area.  He did that for 22 years.  He worked for chain restaurants, independent restaurants, hotels, convention centres, sports bars and more.  He would work for 1 or 2 years at each location, get bored and move on to the next challenge.

Peter's last job in the hospitality industry was with a catering company that had an airline division, meaning they supplied products to airlines.  The first airline that they had a contract with was West Jet airlines and that was when Peter joined the company as a production manager, which was a new experience and challenge that Peter had never had before.  Peter stayed with that company 7 years and grew through many different challenges and positions within the company where he finally ended up becoming Manager of Special Projects.

Towards the end of his last year with that company, Peter had also begun driving for Uber.  Peter really enjoyed doing that because he was making a little extra money and more importantly he was out meeting new people every day.  Peter really likes people.

In July of 2016, it was time for Peter to say good-bye to the hospitality industry.  He has a lot of fond memories and met a lot of awesome people along the way.  He just felt that there was still a piece of him that was missing...

Peter continued to drive for Uber, meeting people and earning a few dollars while he was deciding what he wanted to do next.  One day Peter was at a Tim Horton's on his tablet scrolling through Facebook and came across a video by Bob Proctor talking about The Law of Vibration.

The Law of Vibration - Bob Proctor

What Peter didn't realize until many years later this was the very first step on the path he currently follows...

Fascinated with the video, Peter did some more research on Mr. Proctor and actually came across an e-book written by his lovely wife, Linda Proctor.  In the book at the end of each chapter Linda would encourage the reader to send her an email based on the chapter just read.  Peter got caught up in the moment and did that at the end of Chapter 2.  A couple of hours later, Peter received an email from Linda's assistant (as Linda was in the UK at that moment promoting her business) and the email introduced him to a lovely young lady that was part of Linda's team.

Peter and this lovely young lady had a phone conversation that led to a coffee meeting that led to an event that led to Peter joining Linda's team in the MLM business that she was working with.  Peter was very excited.

Peter recruited a good friend of his that was a co-worker from the catering company he left earlier that year.  Peter and his friend rented a vendors table at a Health and Wellness show to display their products and find prospects to join them in business.

Halfway through the show a gentleman came by to talk to us.  He picked up one of the products and pulled a pendulum out of his pocket and held it over the product.  It started to swing in a lazy clockwise circle.  The gentleman explained that he was testing the  product to see if it is beneficial to his system.  Again, Peter was fascinated.  He learned that the gentleman was using a form of dowsing, using a pendulum.  Peter got the gentleman's contact info to learn more.

How I Became The Born-Again Energist

Again, little did Peter know this was the second step toward the path he now follows...

Peter learned to dowse using a pendulum and now does it almost daily to clear and move energy for his friends and family.

Late in 2019 Peter was doing a search on 'How to clear money blocks' and came across a YouTube interview of a gentleman by the name of Gary M. Douglas talking about a book he had written by the title 'Money Isn't the Problem, You Are'.  The interview was an hour long.  Normally Peter would load interviews like this and turn them off after 5 minutes because they didn't resonate with him.  Peter watched the entire interview, downloaded the book on to his Kindle and read the entire book that night.

Over the span of the next 2 weeks, Peter downloaded and read 2 more books written by Mr. Douglas and decided that he needed to learn more about what they speak of in the book and how to help others by using what he learned.

Peter discovered Access the Bars, an energy healing modality and became a certified practitioner in November of 2019.  Peter finally feels he is living in his purpose.

Well, I am sure you have guessed by now, I'm Peter.

Until I would say 2017, if you had talked to me about Access the Bars, Reiki or dowsing and any other energy modality, I most likely would have laughed at you and told you to go away.  I thought psychics, mediums and the like were all frauds.  Now I know better.  I even became an energy practitioner or a light worker as some refer to us.

You could even say, I was Born-Again.

Thank you for reading my story and I will be doing my best to post articles on at least a monthly basis.

Stay well.

Peter J. Gosciola ~ Your well-being IS my business.