Choose A Life Without Anxiety

Choose A Life Without Anxiety

Nervousness, anxiety, and stress, along with fear are normal feelings you experience during certain occasions.

However, it’s not always the case for some who tend to remain anxious, stressed, and afraid for long periods of time.Psychologists & Counselling services At People Psychology in the Melbourne CBD, we refer to these people as those whose anxiety switches are always on. The indicators of anxiety are manifested by mental and physical discomfort.

Physical Symptoms of Anxiety

Your heart rate is elevated, and you’re breathing heavily

You experience body tremors

You get dizzy and suffer headaches

You have an upset stomach, and it could lead to Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

You’re quickly frightened or surprised

Your muscles are tense, and the tension keeps you from sleeping

Your appetite is affected

Mental Symptoms of Anxiety

You’re easily confused

You always worry, and you think over it repeatedly

You start to think of the worst thing that could happen

You panic all time as you anticipate the worst

Your thoughts become erroneous and begin to deceive you into believing the wrong things

Along with these symptoms, your behavior alters as well. You start to avoid situations and people because you’re afraid of what might happen.

We’re Here To Help You

Even if you’re not sure if your fear is warranted or not, it’s best to seek help at People Psychology in the Melbourne CBD. Our team of psychologists can assess your concerns and provide you with the clarity you deserve to understand why you may be anxious and what might be keeping you from living a healthy, stress-free life. We can help provide you with a definitive plan for your therapy.

At People Psychology in the Melbourne CBD, we provide a range of psychological treatments like Mindfulness and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). We also offer Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT). Both apply to a variety of anxiety problems, and you can expect the following results.

You gain a better understanding of what causes your anxiety. Moreover, what factors activate it.

You achieve a more relaxed and calmer mood as you learn to understand how important your thoughts are on the amount of anxiety you experience.

You also learn how to take control and master your thoughts. Rest assured our health professionals will guide you throughout the process. Our psychologists will provide you with the strategies to head off erroneous ideas.

You can start to curtail your immediate distress response to any situation that in the past would have caused you great anxiety

You can start to focus and concentrate better. You no longer have to struggle with your memory.

Anxiety is normal. However, prolonged bouts of stress can hamper your way of life. Remember, you don’t have to live in fear all the time. You have a choice. If you suffer from anxiety or someone you love does, contact People Psychology in the Melbourne CBD today. Our team of psychologists are at your service.

Choose A Life Without Anxiety