5 Nutritious Human Foods That Are Good For Dogs

5 Nutritious Human Foods That Are Good For Dogs

It is noted that those people who are dog lovers and dog pet owners are very kind-hearted. They share their lives and homes and even beds with their canine pals. And similarly, there is nothing wrong with sharing your favourite food and treats with them too. But is it right? Not necessarily in all cases. There are several dog diets that you buy using BudgetPetProducts.com.au Code that is specially made for your dog. But your dog may face severe health problems if you feed him human diet. The food items, diets and fruits and vegetables that our stomachs can digest can wreak havoc on your pet dog’s body.

But not all the food items are unhealthy though. Contrary to the case, some of the foods, diets that you take can be added to your dog’s diet, and it perfectly works alright. You can provide various health benefits to your dogs, such as joint strength, better respiration, allergy immunity, and a lot more.

Maybe you buy cheap dog food using discount codes Australia. But here are some food items that human eat and they are equally excellent and safe for dogs. They are delicious, nutritious and healthy as well. Here we go


If you want that your dog remains healthy and active as much as you are, then feed him Apples. They are great healthy food and provides your dog with many vital vitamins like vitamins A and C. the dog diet may not include these things, but you can recover them through apples.

Dairy Food And Products:

Dairy food and products like milk, yogurt, cheese, and cream cheese are the best sources of calcium and protein for humans. However, you can also give you dog the small dose occasionally as they are safe for dogs as well.

Dogs may face conditions like diarrhea or vomiting if they consume overdose of dairy products. The reason behind it that the dog's digestive system lacks a significant amount of digestive enzyme lactase. So they are unable to break down sugars in milk.

Peanut Butter:

Peanut butter is canine’s favourite treat. Full of proteins and healthy fats, it is a good source of vitamin B, vitamin E and niacin as well. Your dog will love to eat it as it is tasty.

Fish And Seafood:

Dogs to enjoy having seafood like salmon, shrimp or prawns, tuna and crab meat. They are healthy, safe and tasty for any breed of dog. As they are good sources of proteins for humans, similarly they are a good source of proteins for dogs as well.

Your pet dog may get omega-3 fatty acids from salmon and tuna meat. This will boost a dog’s immunity, improve the skin's health and also provide cholesterol control. Similarly feeding on shrimps and prawns provide Vitamin B that maintain a digestive system of the dog.


You can also feed your dog the chicken meat that is absolutely healthy and delicious as well. Use plain, unseasoned and boiled chicken, especially when your dog’ stomach is upset.

Final Words:

Remember that before feeding your dog, your favourite food, make sure that these foods are safe for your pet. Avoid the emergency visit to any vet and feed them wisely.