Types of Door locks: Popular Picks

Types of Door locks: Popular Picks

Highly efficient secured superior locks are an integral part of security systems for both residential and commercial spaces.

No matter how far the technology has reached, nothing can replace the sense of safety that door locks provide. For this reason, one needs to be aware of the current security factors and put in extra care before making your final decision.

With the modern stride of technology, there are a wide variety of superior lock options with much more varied, reliable and advanced features to meet different scale security requirements.

However, with lots of options highlighting several security features can often make the process of picking the right kind of locks can certainly be overwhelming if you are not aware of the different types of door locks and their security features.

To help you pick the right door locks to meet your security requirements, here are the top 3 popular types of door locks preferred by modern consumers to toughen up your security.

#1. Padlocks.

The padlocks are easy to carry and non-attached types of locks. They are attached to the doors or other places they are being used. Padlocks are easy to carry and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and types. Among the variety of selections, padlocks are generally grouped under two sections, keyed and combination.

Combination padlocks are those that will certainly set off an easy code of numbers that gets unlocked once the right combinations are dialled. These are usually easy to unlock or open with just a click.

Keyed padlocks are those that require keys to open the lock. They are one of the widely used lock options today which are quite affordable and effective. Keyed padlocks again divide themselves into three groups which are non-key able, keyed alike and keyed differently, these are very easy to use and spot.

Padlocks generally come with a loop-shaped handle, which will have a covered chain, a part of which will raise the sides of the shoulder making the lock harder for the bolt cutters or such tough tools to cut padlocks.

#2. Deadbolts

Commonly installed on doors in residential areas, deadbolts are undeniably one of the most secured lock options to get. The general comes in with a key and knob set, which are unlocked by turning the key or knob without any springs. The security mechanism of a deadbolt is so unique and strong that it has been widely proven to reduce theft and house-breaks by creating a strong lock security system. They mainly come in three groups-

• Single cylinder deadbolts-which have a key cylinder inside and a thumb turner outside. The only drawback of this lock is that anyone can easily unlock it with a thumb turn if they get access to the door.

• Double cylinder deadbolts- They come with two key cylinders one inside and another outside. This can be unlocked only with a key, although this a secured lock option, this lock wouldn't be an ideal pick for emergency zones.

• Lockable thumb turn locks-These is one of the most secured and ideal lock systems that are a combination of single and double cylinder deadbolts. These use a thumb turn that can be locked with a key securing your door from closing and opening even if someone has unauthorised access to your door.

#3. Electronic and smart locks.

Electronic lock systems are products of modern technology evolution that are quickly grabbing the spotlight in the field of modern security. Coupled with advanced technologies and security features, electronic and smart locks are one of the most convenient yet preferred lock systems by modern folks to meet several scales of security requirements in residential and commercial zones.

Electronic lock systems are keyless locks that don’t need a key to unlock. Instead, they use special coded card systems or keypads. These are very common in hotels, offices, apartment buildings and other residential spaces. They are equipped with highly modern security features including time scheduling, tracking the access times, recording people who are using, restricting the entry and exit time. These exciting highlights make it one easiest yet safest lock type preferred among modern residential and business owners.

Smart locks are yet another product of modern technology that has made a place among modern consumers with highly advanced and easy-to-use strong security highlights. They are usually connected to a smart device, which functions through a set of commands from authorised wireless devices connected. Smart locks are easy to use and can be operated anytime anywhere without much stress. Smart locks provide more than just locking and unlocking doors, it is very handy in controlling and monitoring the overall security of your house or office. With a connected smart lock system you can easily control the lights, temperature and entry access from anywhere anytime with just a click or touch from your smart device.

These are the top three popular types of locks preferred by modern folks. Several other lock options serve different levels of security. Keep in mind to analyse your security needs and pick the right set of lock systems to keep your home, office, apartments and other valuable rooms and areas safe and secured. Spend some time on research and pick the best lock option that takes care of your safety effectively.