What is the price for a website design| Calculate and buy online

What is the price for a website design| Calculate and buy online

This article is for all those people or business who search online about the cost of a website design the most common searched query or question a customer asks

Since services may have variations or different customers have a different requirements therefore there is always variations in prices and web designers ask so many questions to quote a customer which might not be negative But its more convenient if a person to get this quotation right away online with no phone call, email or verbal communication

web designer webnetive released website design price calculator.

Keeping in view the time-saving idea and providing the easy and cost-effective services web designer webnetive has just released its website design price calculator which can be used online with easy steps which makes a custom web solution order easy by a few clicks.

A brief overview on much a website costs you? we must know that there are 3 types of cost calculated usually, when planning for having a website or specially web business such as e-Commerce website.

3 types of cost you may pay for having a website

• Pre development cost

• Development cost

• Post development cost

Pre-development cost is a clear in 2 simple words, which are the basic requirements for any website and that is, domain and web hosting normally it's between 60-65 US

Development cost is variable as it depends on what website, what type feature and other customization and market as website design price can be calculated online.

Post development cost is all about web maintenance, online marketing or SEO, mostly the prices depend on how you want the things get done and what are your requirements.

6 key points will make you take the right decision:

• Why is having a website important?

• What is the number of professionals or businesses have their own website live?

• What is the growing ratio of business being digitized?

• What prices are charged by different professionals for different projects

• Is there any way to get a website for free?

• Who is webnetive and why is webnetive a better option?

Why is having a website so important?

Having a site doesn't simply lead your business to exist in the advanced world; it encourages it to flourish in the actual world too. A site helps a business in different zones of development including your clients, your standing, and your perceivability in the online network and industry.

Since the world is getting digitized being noticeable online is an absolute necessity accomplish for business development and all computerized showcasing or online exercises require a site.

What is the number of people or professional having their own website live ?

According to statista.com the Proportion of businesses with a website in the United Kingdom (UK) from 2007 to 2018, 16.1% business worldwide do not have even websites.

On the other side freelance professionals according to one of the article published in spendomenet.com there are 1.1 billion freelancers worldwide and it is often notice by al most everyone that freelancers do not have websites and the reason one of following.

They cannot afford it.

They have no idea of the importance of having website.

They think will be costly only companies have to have it.

And this is how ultimately they lose the business, If they calculate how much they lose rather than thinking how much they will spend on a website the game might gets change for them.

What is the growing ratio of business being digitized?

According to one of the business news magazine business wire published an article on how why businesses will spend nearly $1.2 Trillion on Digital Transformation This Year as They Seek an Edge in the digital economy, according to a new IDC spending guide. It further enhance the authenticity when oberlo said (The global ecommerce growth rate for 2020 is expected to come in at 19 percent, bringing total ecommerce sales worldwide in 2020 to $4.206 trillion)

What prices are charged by different professionals for different projects?

A CMS based website starts from 200 USD to 400 USD which will be a basic few pages website not a 100% custom solution but the more it gets feauted and custom the more it costs.

Is there any way to get a website for free ?

There are multiple platforms offer free websites such as wix.com or site123 and many more these websites are easy to build, one does not need to be a professional however getting straight to the point will make it real that these are not custom web solutions.

These are free plans with their credits and advertisement on your website e.g www.yoursite.wixsite.com in a domain or this website is made proudly with Wix web builder which is not liked by everyone at all but there hosting and domain prices are usually higher than the traditional web hosting with Cpanel, these hosting are cost-effective but making a website to use these hosting one has to be a professional web designer.

But great news is! webentive is not only a website design price calculator it is a team of professional who welcome all new businesses and offer multiple thing for free.

Who is webnetive and why is webnetive a better option ?

Webnetive is a web design company in dubai with a team of qualified professionals who provide services as web design & digital marketing agency in Dubai.

5 facts that present webnetive a better option for web designing and digital marketing services.

• Easy to reach and 24/7 support.

• The most affordable services providers.

• One of the few helping professional who offers free services.

• Best in ROI techniques

• Educates the customers before targeting their customers

Safe and Secure Payments

Paypal is world's one of largest payment gateway which secures buyers money by having a raising complain option which takes few days for paypal to get a buyer's money back from the seller's account, and webnetive's online payment is is powered by paypal.


Now you can easily calculate your website design of your choice you can simply fill up to required field and once you are done you can buy the services from anywhere in the world with a very safe secure payment gateway PayPal.