5 reasons a detox is a wise anti-aging strategy

5 reasons a detox is a wise anti-aging strategy
over 3 years ago

How does detoxification fit into the healthy aging picture? Is there any point? How to choose the right one? How long should it last? Do you starve yourself?

And the really big question - is there any value to it?  My answer to this is a resounding YES! I am early into my sixth “Whole Body Detox” in as many years. This was a new concept to me, even being in the health biz. I always thought of them as a bit faddish, but after being educated by some very wise people, I understood the benefits and decided to go for it!

Let's face it, it's impossible to avoid all toxins in our world & even those of us that are pretty healthy indulge in sugary treats, alcohol and sometimes have to grab a quick snack from the coffee shop.  Also, when I look back over my past decades there were more than a few years of partying, eating crap food - and oh ya , the major dessert indulgence that lasted about 50 years! I was always very active and never struggled with my weight so I mistakenly thought I could eat anything. My poor old liver (the key detoxification organ) was working overtime trying to deal with all that nasty stuff! It definitely deserves a bit of love.  These days I think of food as fuel (and pleasure) and am much more mindful of what i put in my mouth!  As well, once I year I do a detox as a strategy for (I believe) reversing my age by a few years.

5 reasons a detox is a wise anti-aging strategy

This is what "all natural' really looks like!

There are some really weird choices out there – maybe weird is the wrong word – perhaps extreme? Colonics, juice only, fasting, Epsom salt baths to name a few. Then there is the so-called ‘master cleanse’ where you consume nothing but lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne and finish the day off with a laxative. Yikes! This one is not for me. My choice is a whole-food/whole-body detox: I eat delicious foods and take high quality supplements to support all my cells & organs. I eliminate gluten, dairy, caffeine, alcohol & processed sugar. Truly, I dedicate just 30 days once a year to treating my body and my health as the most important gift in the world.

So lets get on to the 5 Reasons why detoxes are fabulous & anti-aging:

1. Sugary processed foods show up first on our skin - our largest organ:   Having beautiful clear skin is youthful is it not??!! Don't believe me? Check this out!

5 reasons a detox is a wise anti-aging strategy

When you detoxify your skin will glow!

2. Overcome the residual effect of prescription drugs:  Have you ever been on some type of medication? It's a pretty rare person that will say no to that question. I personally have chronic severe asthma & have been on daily meds for most of my adult life. Granted they are by inhalation, but I've learned that the liver still has to work to to detoxify it; my exciting personal story is that when I 'unclogged my liver & got it working a little better, I was actually able to decrease my daily dosage! That alone makes it worthwhile!

3. Weight loss:  I don't do this to lose weight, but the reality is, when you fill up on healthy delicious foods you will probably consume few calories than when you are less conscious of what you are eating. So BONUS!

4. Less bloating: We all know that feeling - we enjoyed a big bowl of pasta, or a few slices of pizza, and a couple of hours later we are unzipping our jeans.  Some people experience bloating every single day and think this is just normal.  But it's not!  I promise you that a fantastic side-effect of eating less gluten & dairy is that you'll feel much more comfortable after a meal!

5 reasons a detox is a wise anti-aging strategy

Pay attention and notice which foods create gas and bloating for you

5.  Surprise - you get 5 more benefits in one point! More energy, decreased cravings, curbing food addiction, smoother digestion & better immunity. Woohoo!

Finally - here's another excellent article on the benefits -- if you'd like to know more and perhaps join me on this amazing journey just click the 'contact' button above!